Grass meal processing sheep technology

The straw is processed into nutritious grass powder, and the sheep loves to eat and gain weight quickly. Processing grass powder to feed sheep has a simple process, which not only solves the problem of storage of green feed, but also improves the utilization rate of feed. Now the technology is introduced as follows.

First, raw materials. All non-toxic crop stalks and grain and cotton processing by-products can be crushed as raw materials. Need to dry or dry.

Second, smash. The straw was crushed with a hammer mill to grow 10-20 mm of grass powder. Gramineous plants should be crushed separately from legumes for further processing.

Third, fermentation. The comminuted grass powder and legume powder were mixed by 3:1. With 30-40 °C warm water mix grass powder, humidity can be used to pinch into a group, loose hand can spread is appropriate, stacked in the lee of the house corner, piled into a 40 cm thick square heap, covered with sacks. When the temperature in the heap reaches 40-50°C, fermentation can be achieved when the fermented material can smell the koji. Leave some grass powder as a primer for the next fermentation. In fermented grass flour, add 0.5-1 kg of salt and 0.5 kg of bone meal per 100 kg, add 25-30 kg of cornmeal, bran, bean curd residue, carrot or cooked sweet potato, potato, etc., and mix well. It becomes a nutritional grass powder.

Fourth, feeding. (1) The grass powder should not be fed to lambs that have not been weaned, and the sheep after 2 months of age should be fed with less material; (2) Non-pregnant ewes should be fed with a clean feeding trough and fed less frequently; (3) Fermented well Grass powder should be fed within 3 months in order to avoid deterioration.

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