High-yield cucumber cultivation techniques

First, choose the variety. For cucumber varieties, Jinzao No. 3, Green Gold Bars, Shandong Niocao, etc. were used, and black-skinned pumpkins were used as rootstocks.
Second, nurture strong seedlings. Sowing at appropriate period, sowing on or about October 5, sowing seeds, soaking seeds, disinfecting seeds, preparing sterile nutritive soil and making beds before planting, and then sowing the buds on small high beds. The warm soup is soaked in a germination method, and the sterilized seeds are stirred in hot water at 55° C. which is 5 times the seeds, and the water temperature is kept at 55° C. for 20 minutes. Then the water temperature is lowered to 30° C., the stirring is stopped, and the soaking is continued 4 to 6 Hours, after removing, wrap it in gauze or towel and put it under the condition of 30°C to germinate. After budding, the temperature drops to room temperature.
Third, suitable grafting. On October 15th, grafting was carried out. The grafted seedlings were planted in a nutrient bowl and cultured in a small arch shed. In the first 4 days, the daytime temperature is maintained at 28-30°C, 17-20°C at night, and the air humidity is maintained at 85%-90% during the day. After 4 days, the young seedlings begin to gradually cool and dehumidify when the leaves begin to develop. After 1 week, the young seedlings are managed, and 3 ~ 5 days of water spray 1, seedling age of 28 to 30 days, asked about seedling height of 12 cm, 6 leaves exhibition, thick stem 0.5 cm, root system developed, dark green leaves, see the first female flower.
Fourth, increase base fertilizer. Per acre Shi cooked farmyard fertilizer 5000 kg, 50 kg of diammonium phosphate, 40 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate. The adoption of a north-south row of sorghum film covering cultivation will help increase the temperature and control the humidity in the shed.
Fifth, suitable colonization. Planting in early November, cold weather should be selected when planting, using a row spacing of 80 cm 25 cm, about 3500 acres of seedlings.
Sixth, heat increase production. The seedling temperature is maintained at 30-32°C during the day and 17-20°C during the night. The daytime temperature is maintained at 23-25°C after sluggish seedlings and 13-15°C at night, which is favorable for the formation of seedlings and lumbar melons. From late December to early February, it is a low temperature period. During this period, fresh melon production is low, but the price is high. Therefore, measures are taken in management to maintain warm growth of melons, increase production, and strive for the best benefits. It is required to control the temperature during the day at 25-28°C and ensure 12-15°C at night to ensure the effective synthesis and utilization of nutrients, and to coordinate the contradiction between vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and to facilitate the expansion of melons and the growth of melons. In the middle and later days, the temperature is maintained at 28 to 30°C, and at night it is maintained at 17 to 20°C, which is conducive to the rapid growth of the melons and the increase of the rate of commercial melons.
Seven, fertilizer and water management. 1 Before pouring roots, water is poured 1 time every 10 to 13 days, and 10 to 15 kilograms of phosphorus and potassium are applied per acre with water. Two melons were harvested at the harvest time of the gourd, the temperature gradually increased, and the vegetative growth and reproductive growth accelerated. With the increase of the amount of melons, the supply of fertilizer and water was appropriately increased, and water was poured 1 to 5 days per day. Top 25 kg of multi-element compound fertilizer. To regulate the relationship between vegetative growth and reproductive growth, we must pay attention to the growth of the melon, and at the same time, ensure that the melon quail grows vigorously, laying the foundation for high yield during the melon period. 3 When entering the melon period, the light is sufficient, the temperature is high, the vegetative growth and reproductive growth are very strong, and large fertilizers should be used to create high yields. This period of 3 to 5 days pouring 1 water, and later gradually changed to 2 to 3 days 1 water, applied per acre Sanyuan compound fertilizer 35 to 40 kg.
Eight, disease prevention and pest control. Facilities The production of cucumber is mainly prevented during the whole growth period, supplemented by treatment, and once every time after watering, the shed is smoked once with a bactericide. Sprayed once a week on sunny days, fungicides sprayed with smoked shed to do alternate use of drugs to improve the control effect. Once the disease is discovered, it will be treated early and thoroughly.
Nine, timely harvest. The root melons were harvested 40 days after planting, harvested 2 to 3 days, and harvested once a day in the full fruit period.

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