Biogas fermentation agent (how to increase the useful life of biogas)

Biogas fermentation agent (how to increase the useful life of biogas)
Biogas is conducive to solving rural energy problems, promoting the development of agricultural production, promoting the development of animal husbandry, improving sanitation conditions, protecting the ecological environment, and liberating the labor force. It can be said that there are many benefits, but in practice gas production is often insufficient, and the efficiency is low. The methane generated after anaerobic decomposition is completed by the role of various biogas microorganisms. Therefore, adding a sufficient amount of microbial starter as an inoculant in the biogas fermentation has a direct impact on the speed and amount of gas production. For example, a unique type of fermentation agent has a unique function, which is superior to other inoculants as a biogas fermentation inoculum, which improves the gas production rate and gas production rate of raw materials.
Jinbao-type fermentation agent for inoculum is convenient, fast, labor-saving, and low cost. After adding new ingredients, add appropriate amount of gold treasure fertilizer to the pool. After entering the pool, other programs are managed as normal. Only 30 milliliters of starter can be used in the normal feeding amount (6-10 cubic meters of digester) per tank, and the cost is only about 20 yuan. Can greatly increase gas production.

The flower type surgical lamp is designed at 2016, when it was been pushed into the market, it has good echo from the customers, because the flower type surgical lamp outlook is different with normal round types lamps, its outlook is just like a flower, it is very beautiful , also can add beauty in the operation room, the flower type ot lamp change the normal condition for baldness operation room style, can make doctor and patients feel much difference; for the flower type surgery lamps specification, it is almost same as round type surgical lamp, in the first year, it also has good selling;

Flower type surgical lamp also has three types, ceiling types which include single dome, double dome , with camera or without camera; wall type and mobile type flower operation lamp;

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Flower Type LED Operating Lamp

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