Sticky and tidy pigs

Thicker feeding than thin feeding is beneficial to pig growth and development. Because the pig eats the feed, there must be saliva and gastric juice to participate in digestion and absorption. If a lot of water is fed, the tummy will bulge and the pig will seem to be very full. In fact, the pig will eat too much water, swallow it fast, produce less saliva, and dilute the gastric juice, resulting in low utilization rate and slow weight gain of the pig. .

Dry feed is not without water supply, and the dry feed can be hand-pulled with appropriate amount of water, so it is advisable to loosen the hand to disperse it, or to mix the dry material with water and then feed it. When you feed, you can add water to let the pigs drink freely, which saves labor and fuel, but also makes pigs gain weight faster. The pigs develop the habit of regular eating and regular bowel movements to form conditioned reflexes. Approximately half an hour before feeding, the pigs can secrete a large amount of digestive juices, improve digestive ability of the stomach, and fully absorb and use feed energy.

Crude after the first fine, and then feed the green material. According to the growth requirements of pigs, when feeding, we must first feed coarse material, then feed the concentrate, and finally feed the green material, and do little to add ground. Generally, the feed is divided into three times for each meal so that the pig can eat it within half an hour. There should be no leftovers in the troughs. When the pigs do not want to eat them, each pig feeds 0.5 to 1 kg of green material at each meal. After entering the stomach, under the action of salivary amylase, the starch in the food becomes maltose, which is beneficial to absorption, so that the appetite of the pig can be increased, and the pig can eat enough, sleep well and grow faster.

Puffed foods are mainly made of cereals, potatoes or beans, and are made of a bulking process such as baking, frying, microwave or extrusion. The structure has a certain degree of expansion and is crispy and vivid. Casual food with different styles. 
Such as snow rice cake, potato chips, shrimp strips, shrimp slices, popcorn, rice crackers and so on. 
Puffed foods are becoming more and more popular among consumers because of their delicious and crisp taste, convenient carrying and convenient use, wide application of raw materials and varied tastes.

Puffed Food

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