Careful attention to mother-in-law delivery

Scorpion is the world's most precious fur animal, and it is also one of the furies most easily reared. The cultivators are required to make preparations for various productions before the mother cubs are brought into production. Smooth and careful production is an important part of raising the survival rate of the daughter lice and ensuring the raising efficiency.

Pre-production check and repair

For the first year used crate to be washed, dried, nailed, disinfected, all crevices in the crate should be lapped with kraft paper to prevent thieves from blowing; the aisle of the original crate should be modified to make it narrow. The aisle width reaches 1/3 of the entire box. In mid-to-late April, the temperature rises, and the mother-in-law loves the cold in the aisle instead of entering the box. The aisle widens to prevent the mother from stepping on her feet and causing her to die.

Check after birth to prevent loss

Someone who is on the job must be on duty and must be checked out of the box during production. If you have a baby who is not being eaten by her mother, use a long pair of tongs to remove it, tear off the placenta, and soak it in warm water at about 37°C for 3 minutes to 5 minutes (nostrils out of the water). After making a slight call and wiggling, wipe it with a soft towel and put it in the incubator. After the hair is completely dry, put it in the box and let it suck. If there are two or more babies When the umbilical cords are twisted together and the milk cannot be eaten, the umbilical cord should be cut with a sterilized quick shear, and iodine should be applied to the root. Do not open the lid frequently to keep it quiet after the baby has been nursing normally.

The expected date of production has exceeded, do not rush to remove the childbirth box

In the production practice, this is often the case: the mother's puerperal date has exceeded 3 days and she has not seen her mother's birth. At this time, we must not rush to disperse this production box because other mothers have to give birth. The author once encountered a mother-family expectant date of more than 3 days, and only gave birth on the 4th day.

Pull out the hair around the teat to facilitate milking

The bred households should gently grasp the mother's fleas five days before the mother's puerperium, and gently pull out the hairs around the pacifiers of the abdomen to reveal the tits; invest 3 days in advance for the milk replenishment tablets and redouble their investment in Vc and appropriate amount. Sodium iodate sodium VE is used to make colostrum juice and prevent red beak disease and white muscle disease.

The sudden change in temperature and care, to ensure the survival of a small one

When the mother-family gives birth or after childbirth, in the event of a sudden drop in temperature, the production box should be immediately wrapped with a thick paper or double-layer plastic cloth. It can also be heated under the production box with charcoal or a light bulb, and the temperature can be grasped at any time. When the temperature rises back to normal, the outer layer of the product box is removed.

In case of a few mother-in-law (food) don’t panic

A small number of animals (including rabbits) have lice. The main reason for this is that the lack of milk is the most important factor in addition to being guilty of fright or frightening and the loss of body fluid during production. In the case of individual mother-in-law children, the box door should be inserted, and the mother-in-law should be kept quiet in the box for 1 hour to 2 hours. Then add diazepam injection in the milk powder with good boiled water (after cooling). 5 mg and half of thyrotropin-releasing hormone were used for 3 days. In practice, it has also been found that some mothers do not eat all of their daughters, but instead leave behind some of their daughter's milk secreted according to their own milk secretion, and they show a strong motherhood in the future and the child is well reared. . The mother-in-law's mother-in-law is no longer reserved for breeding.

Prepare oxytocin before birth and use it when dystocia occurs

When the mother-in-law had a childbirth, she showed symptoms of childbirth but she was not able to see her child. The mother frequently looked back at the abdomen or genital warts and continued to make painful calls. At this time, some mothers can not afford to lie down, and the cervix is ​​already open, should be immediately intramuscular injection of oxytocin 0.5 ml, generally can be fetal output.

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