Clever feeding cattle in winter should pay attention to six points

First, shorten the rough material, wash, ammoniation treatment: The coarse material should be washed before feeding, cut to 8-10 cm. Insufficient nutrient for roughage-fed cattle, the crude material can be aminated by adding 25 kg of 6%-10% urea solution per 50 kg of chopped coarse material, and then loading it into a chlorination tank. , Pool mouth sealed with plastic film. After a period of 1-1.5 months of ammoniated fermentation, the coarse material is put into ammonia and can be used for feeding cattle.
Second, the amount of food is arranged. The cold days are long and short, not only feeding well during the day, but also feeding a slot at night, feeding grasses 13-15 kilograms a day. Forage grass to do to diversify the forage, such as wheat straw, straw with hay, peanut meal, grass, etc., so that nutrition is comprehensive.
Third, add a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, salt and trace element additives: The normal amount of calcium required for normal growth and development of cattle is 0.4% of feed, and the required amount of phosphorus is 0.3% of feed. There is a lack of winter greens, and calcium deficiency is often seen in cows fed only with coarse material. For coarse-grained cattle, 10 g of calcium, 5 g of phosphorus, 30-50 g of salt, and appropriate amount of trace element additives should be fed daily. Fourth, drinking water heating: cold days can not give cattle cold water, should drink warm water at 25 °C, then add some salt, beans and warm water.
5. Feeding and Feeding: Feeding cattle in winter, it is necessary to feed cattle with 40% of corn, 20% of soybeans, 10% of scraps, 10% of barley, 10% of soybean cake, and 10% of bran, soaked in warm water. The replenishment feeds the cattle and feeds 0.5 to 2 kg of mixed concentrate per day. For young cattle, pregnant cows and thin cattle should be properly increased feed volume.
Sixth, hygiene wiper. The manure in the barn should be cleaned regularly, and the grass should be ground to grave the grass and soil to prevent the disease of cow's feet. Pull the cow out of the sun every day and scrape the body with a scraper or a brush to promote blood circulation and prevent cows from getting sores.

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