Spring sowing seed before sowing treatment measures

Seed pre-treatment measures include:

1, select seeds and drying seeds. To select seeds that are full, unbroken and free of pest damage, sun dried in the sun for several days before sowing to kill germs on the surface of the seeds, thereby also increasing the germination potential of the seeds.

2, hot water soaking disinfection. The appropriate amount of hot water is 55°C, and the amount of hot water should be 5-6 times of the seed volume. When soaking, it is necessary to continuously stir.

3, liquid soaking seed dressing disinfection. 402 can be used to soak pesticides such as 100 grams and hymexazol; pesticides such as dexamethasone, carbendazim and thiophanate can be used for pesticide dressing.

4, seed pest, bird, rodent drug treatment. In the past, rice seedlings, vegetables, and other seedbeds were a terrible problem for voles and birds. Now there is a special seed dressing agent, “A good year for winter.” Seed dressing through good winter and winter can effectively prevent the harm of negative mudfish, cockroaches, rats, and birds.

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