What are the prospects of lazy Chinese pig raising law in Yunnan?

What are the prospects of lazy Chinese pig raising law in Yunnan?

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for healthy pork will increase, but at the same time, people’s awareness of environmental protection will become stronger and stronger. How to increase production while taking into account the environmental factors, and to obtain certain Return. The modern pig industry has shifted to the direction of conservation, environmental protection, health, and economics. How to seek development in fierce competition requires people to change their thinking and find new breeding techniques. The new lazy man pig raising technology is an emerging technology for hoop-repairing pigs. Although it is still in its early stages of development, its economy and environmental protection have fully emerged. With the development of society and people’s increasing awareness of environmental protection, this technology must It will gradually become an important measure for raising pigs in the future

A pig-breeding industry is the main animal husbandry in Yunnan Province. Through the establishment of commodity pig-county counties, construction of six comprehensive service systems, training of scientific and technical personnel, and implementation of technical measures such as experiments, demonstrations, and extensions, the total output of meat in 2002 reached 2,353,300 tons. Among them, 1,958,600 tons of pork, accounting for 83.05%, per capita possession of meat 55.01kg, including pork 45.68kg. It has doubled since 1990. The total output value of animal husbandry reached 22.35 billion yuan, accounting for 30.3% of the total agricultural output value. It has become the producer province of animal husbandry, ranking 12th in the country and ranking the 3rd among 12 provinces and cities in the western region. Animal husbandry has maintained rapid growth for 24 consecutive years. However, the pig industry in the 21st century is bound to take the road of safety, health, quality, efficiency, and sustainable development.

The lazy man pig raising technique is different from the conventional traditional pig raising. Pig manure and urine can be stored in the pig house for a long period of time. It does not discharge outwards, does not flow to the surrounding area, and is decomposed and transformed by the action of soil microorganisms, and no dirt is formed. The front of the sewage treatment is harmless. The unique design of the pig house and free open and closed skylight design, ventilation and heat transfer, so that the cold and warm air convection, the bottom of the hot air flow while the bottom of the evaporation of water, the bottom of the circle will maintain the best state, no odor, no fly maggot. At the same time, when manure and urine are converted into feed resources, they are eaten by pigs and do not need to be removed.

Save feed, reduce costs and increase efficiency. As pig manure and urine are broken down by microorganisms and converted into inorganic substances and bacterial proteins that can be eaten by pigs, the wood fibers and half fibers in sawdust can also be degraded and converted into easily fermentable sugars. Pigs provide a certain amount of protein and other nutrients, thereby reducing the supply of concentrate feed. According to preliminary tests, it can save more than 10% of concentrate feed. The new technology of pig raising is not only that the pig manure does not need to be cleaned, but also that the bed of the fermentation bed does not need to be replaced for many years. Since there is no need for artificial excrementation, rinsing of pig beds and cleaning of sheds can, on the one hand, reduce the number of keeper, save on labor expenses, and on the other hand, save water charges.


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