Jinbao chicken manure fertilizer fermentation method (fermented chicken manure fermentation method)

Jinbao chicken manure fertilizer fermentation method (fermented chicken manure fermentation method)
When chickens form a certain scale, the handling and use of chicken manure is very important. Chicken manure is not only a good fertilizer, but also because it contains a high nutritional value, can be used as feed, chicken manure high temperature, drying treatment, this treated chicken manure is called dried chicken manure. After the chicken dung is dried, it can be used as a fertilizer and has a certain use value. However, there are many drawbacks to the treatment of chicken manure. Fermenting chicken manure with professional starters is a very popular method of handling chicken manure. Compared with the drying process, the fermentation process has many advantages. Take Jinbao starter as an example to introduce the advantages of fermented chicken manure.
Sterilization. Dry chicken manure is basically not harmless. Chicken dung drying process, a short time, a higher temperature will not completely kill some of the more stubborn harmful viruses, bacteria, pests and weed seeds. Scientific experiments have proved that livestock and poultry excrement need to be able to kill harmful viruses, germs, pests and weed seeds at a high temperature of 60-70°C for about 10 days. The fermentation process of the golden baby starter is to increase the temperature under the decomposition of the biological bacteria and maintain the temperature of 60-70°C for more than 10 consecutive days. Therefore, the virus, pathogens, pests and weeds can be basically killed to achieve harmless standards.
Environmental protection. During the transport of chicken manure, the odor overflowed, and everything passed was harmed. During the drying process, the chicken odor emitted by the drying oven makes it difficult for the residents who live several kilometers away from the drying oven to suffer. This is even more serious under special weather conditions. As a result, many civil disputes and mass opinions were triggered. Now some provinces (cities) have explicitly banned the drying of chicken manure production. Fermentation treatment does not have any adverse effects on the environment. Instead, it can use microorganisms to clean and purify the environment. Details can visit the website or consult.

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