Sweet potato crunch

Sweet potato crunchy sugar is characterized by a special sweet potato flavor, crisp and no residue, sweet and delicious. The raw material formula is glutinous rice 20 kilograms, fresh sweet potato 12 kilograms, vegetable oil 10 kilograms, white sugar 12.5 kilograms, caramel 7.5 kilograms, cooked peanut 4 kilograms, cooked sesame 1.5 kilograms. The specific operating points are as follows:

First, the raw material treatment Soak glutinous rice for 12 hours, drain and pulverize. Sweet potato steamed on the pot, peeled and cut into small pieces or smashed.

Second, mixing the sweet potato and glutinous rice flour mixed, compacted into a container, cut into small pieces of 4 to 5 cm square, steamed on the cage for 20 to 25 minutes until steamed.

Third, knead the clinker hot and put it into the stone cockles until the kneading uniform (Dendrobium pre-rubbed with a layer of vegetable oil to prevent adhesion), until there is no sweet potato lump spot, out into the basin into a compact.

Fourth, shred, dry the billet cut into 6 ~ 7 cm square block, then cut into 3 to 4 cm piece, and finally cut into 6 to 7 cm of silk, dry.

Fifth, the frying oil temperature 170 °C ~ 180 °C, the potato fry into a yellowish surface, the hand can be immediately broken off pot.

Six, caramel white sugar, caramel plus a small amount of water to melt after heating the filter, and then under the pot to 130 °C.

7. Sour syrup Pour in fried potato chips and cooked peanuts in a good syrup and mix well.

8. Formed and mixed material is poured into the wooden frame on the case board, pressed, flattened, and finally cut into squares with a knife. The length and width of the wooden frame are 50 cm and 2.5 cm high. When the wooden frame is used, a layer of cooked oil is applied on the inner side of the wooden frame, and a layer of cooked sesame is spread on the case to prevent adhesion.

Anti-foaming Agent we have liquid TIS-382 and powder TIS-381. 

It is a Organosilicone defoamer agent. With great anti foam,defoaming ability. No slicking or floating oil.

Consist of Polysiloxane,Silicone Surfactant,white carbon black and Dispersing Agent.

Under the extremely low solubility has very good defoaming effect 

With good stability, steady effect during storage life,No stratification under the condition of high temperature. 

Anti-foam agent

Anti-foaming Agent

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