Deep loose machinery types and characteristics

1, deep loose type and characteristics:

Mechanization deep loose by the nature of the work can be divided into two kinds of deep and loose deep. Comprehensive deepening is to fully loosen the soil with deep pine plows. This method is suitable for the basic construction of farmland and the transformation of shallow soil. Local deep loosening is the use of rod teeth, chisel spade or spade for local loose soil that is not separated from loose soil. Because the interval and looseness create a plough structure that coexists with reality and reality, it has been proved by practice that spacing deep loosening is superior to comprehensive deep loosening and is widely used.

At present, the method of deep soil loosening applied in production includes interval deep pines, deep ridges, deep ploughs, shallow ploughs, deep ridges, deep ridges, and deep deep soils.

According to the structure of the work equipment can be divided into: chisel-type deep loose, wing spade-type deep loose, vibration deep loose, pine-like deep loose and so on. The different deep-separation machines have different structural characteristics and certain differences in operating performance. There are also certain changes in the types of soil and cultivated land. Generally speaking, the method of loose soil and breaking the bottom of the plough often uses the method of comprehensive deepening, and the method of breaking the bottom of the plough and storing water as the main purpose often uses the local deep loosening method. Some types of machine tools have the features of deep local loosening and deep loosening, such as all-in-one deep-slower, vibration deep-slower, etc.

2. The meaning of the submerged machine model: We always see the type of submerged machine, then each type of letter represents what the specific content, we do not necessarily know very well, I give you a brief introduction. Such as: 1SZL-300 these models, 1- represents the ploughing machinery, S- behalf of the deep loose function, Z-represents the deep loose form of vibration, L- represents the joint operation form, 300- represents the cultivation of broadband.

Such as: 1SQ-250, Q-representing all-round; such as 1S-7, 7- represents the number of deep loose shovels.

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