Shelter construction requirements and feeding management

The construction of sheep pens is reasonable, and it is very important for the growth and development of the sheep. For a long time, the farm sheep in our county are stocked, the land is surrounded by grass and compost, some sheep and cows are in the same circle, the house is wet, the sunshine is insufficient, and the goats often develop disease. The emergence of spring and summer development, autumn fat winter death, caused great losses to the sheep farmers. The main reason is that the housing construction is unscientific, irregular, and poor management. In order to guarantee the healthy growth and breeding of goats and promote the development of sheep industry, the author combines the climatic conditions of the county and the living habits of goats to formulate the requirements for the construction of goat houses for the reference of farm buildings. 1 Basic requirements The basic requirements of the sheep house are ventilation and dryness, hygienic cleaning, cool in summer and warm in winter. Sheep house construction is divided into sheep-raising houses and sheep-raising houses, which have different architectural purposes. Raising sheep houses are only for the rest of the sheep and sleep. There are no playgrounds, no feeding stuffs, and straw racks. The goats are lively and lively. The caged sheep houses require a certain area of ​​the sports ground. Otherwise, due to the small space of the sheep's activities and the lack of sheep movement, it not only affects the herds. Growth, but also brings a series of diseases to the flock. Therefore, the captive sheep house should not only have a well-ventilated, warm and strong, dry and hygienic rest sleeping place, but also have an area outside the sheep house larger than the sheep house area. 3 times of sports grounds to facilitate herding activities and sunbathing to ensure the health and growth needs of herds, but also conducive to captive goat farming and intensive management. Goats are fed with fast weight gain and increase by 2% over grazing daily gain. Adult sheep fattening can be sold for 60 days, which can increase the economic benefits of raising sheep. 2 Sheep Shelter Construction 2.1 Choice of Sheep Shelter Location The sheep house construction should be selected in the center of the pasture. The water source is near, the transportation is convenient, the terrain is open, the cool in winter and cool in summer, and the drainage is good. It is better to level the ground on the southern slope with a certain slope. 2.2 Building standards for sheep houses Due to the climate in Guizhou Province, it is rainy and humid. It is better to build building-type sheep houses. Sheen building height 2mm door width 1mm Sheepskin wall 1.2mm above the open or open the glass window to open outside, conducive to adjust the indoor temperature, the tower from the ground 0.8 ~ 1.5m, down the ground was 45 oblique outwards to facilitate the sheep dung The urine flows into the septic tank. The length of the shed is determined by the size of the sheep and the site, but it should be separated into several small rooms with a size of 43m to facilitate the management of sheep breeding. The sheep bed can be laid with a wooden strip 10cm wide and 3.5cm thick. Slope-like, gap distance 1 ~ 1.5cm, in order to smooth the droppings of sheep's manure urine under the bed, so that the sheep remain clean all day long. The stadium must be in close contact with the sheep house. On three sides, bricks should be used to form walls and partitions. The height should be 1.5m. The sheep should be pulled out. The ground of the stadium should be treated with cement. It should be flat and have a slope of 2. There should be a ditch around. Keep it clean and dry. 2.3 The area of ​​sheep farms can be designed according to the scale of farming. Excessive area will cause waste, and too small will not be conducive to scale production. Usually, the area of ​​each sheep house is calculated based on 1 square meter, the breeding ram and the ewes are calculated at 2 square meters each, and the breeding rams and the ewes are to be separately constructed. The production sheds can be constructed on the basis of 20% of the basic ewes. The area of ​​the playground is generally 2 to 2.5 times the area of ​​the sheep house. There are a large number of sheep, a double-row sheepfold can be built on the site, and a single-row type sheepfold can be constructed when the number is small or the width of the site is less than 6m. The single-row type can be constructed with half the size of the double row. 2.4 The feeding trough and straw trough are used for feeding and feeding salt, which can be set separately or combined into a combined hay rack. It is most practical to use a wooden board to screw into a movable long rack. The general feeding trough is 2m long, 20cm high, 35cm wide and 30cm wide. The laying position is generally placed outside the sheep house so that the sheep's feet do not step into the rack. The material falls on the sheep body. 3 Feed Management Techniques 3.1 Feeding sheep is to feed sheep with ammoniated, micro-enclosed silage and part of the hay all year round, keeping the day and night trough constantly feeding and keeping the water free, allowing the sheep to feed freely. Each sheep must be fed daily salt 5 ~ 10g, fine material 100 ~ 200g. Sheep bought on the market should not be fed the same day ammonia, silage, only to drink water and feed a small amount of hay. 3.2 Insect repellent and stomach de-worming It is an important measure to increase the weight gain of fattening sheep. Goats are to be repelled once a year in the spring and autumn. The ectoparasite adopts the medicinal bath method. The medicinal liquid can be used as follows: (1) 15% aqueous solution of trichlorfon (soap water). (2) Quicklime 7.5kg, sulfur powder 12kg, mix into a paste with water, add 150kg of water, boil in a strong brown color with a wok, boil the evaporated water to make up for it, clarify the warm water of the mother liquor against 500kg, sheep can be used for medicine Bath, stop feeding 8 hours before the medicinal bath and give the goat enough water to avoid poisoning after the sheep enters the pool. The medicinal bath must be performed on a sunny day. The water temperature should be around 30°C. After bathing the sheep with a healthy sheep bath, the traumatic sheep and the late ewes should not take a bath. The ewe and the lambs bathe separately. The depth of the liquid is used to submerge the sheep. The principle is to rest in the cool place after medicine bath and feed hay and fodder for 1 to 2 hours. Insect repellent in vivo: (1) Can choose to use butane, 0.125g/kg body weight, one-time gavage. (2) Levamisole, 10 mg/kg body weight, once administered. Jianwei: Each sheep on the third day after deworming was fed with rhubarb 5g. 3.3 Castration In order to increase the efficiency of shepherding sheep, the rams in herds should not be too much. The ratio of male to female is generally 1:20. All rams that do not use for breeding should castrate. The male lambs in the lactation period are good for castration. They are most ideal for castration in the 30 days after birth. They are not easy to operate prematurely and excessive bleeding occurs too late. Castration should be carried out on a sunny day. After the ram is castrated, male and female ewes must be kept in separate rows to reduce infection. Castrated rams are tame, easy to manage, save on feed, and have no smell and tenderness.

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