Abalone breeding techniques for abalone

(1) The oyster culture seed should be released into the sea when the temperature of the seawater rises to 8°C in May, and the seedlings in the lower sea should be longer than 1.5 cm. (2) There are three types of quail culture equipment, one is a plastic bucket, the other is a soft net cage, and the third is a farming market. The three kinds of equipment are used to raise the abalone market. The raising of the abalone market is divided into four layers with a spacing of 20 cm. The diameter of the market is 45 centimeters, with a 12 mm diameter steel bar in the middle, and a zippered net. The stocking densities were: shell length 1.5-4 cm, 800 per cage; shell length 4-6 cm, 400 per cage; shell length 6-8 cm, 300 per cage. (3) In stocking water layer, it is generally required that the sling diameter is 12 mm and the double strands should be used. The effective length is 7 meters. (4) Once every 6 days, feed (kelp, wakame, asparagus, leucine, etc.) should be fed once every cage feeding amount: shell length 1.5-4 cm, 1-2 KG; shell length 6-8 cm, 2.5-3KG. (5) It is necessary to pay attention to the timely removal of mussels and other debris attached to the wind cages and shells, and to lower the water layer. Avoid the spawning attachment spikes of the shellfish; (6) Change the cages regularly, remove the cages that are blocked by the mixed algae and mixed shellfish, replace the cages with new ones, and ensure the smooth flow of water. The old cage had dried up on the shore and knocked out the debris for reuse. (7) According to the size of the shell, it is necessary to separate the cages in time, otherwise it will affect the growth; (8) The knot should be solid, control section, run, throw, cut. Strengthen safety protection; (9) All operations must be carried out in the water, and they must not be exposed to the sun and wind on the boat. (10) Abalone is very afraid of the cold. When the temperature drops below 5°C, the cage cannot raise the water surface. The temperature of the seawater is below 5°C and no feed can be fed. After May of the following year, when the seawater temperature rises to 6°C. Above, the temperature rose above 4°C and continued feeding.

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