The antibacterial effect of the mushroom capsule is good

Because of the toxic and side effects of some western medicines and the expensive development cost of new western medicines, the current generation of medicinal herbs extracts in natural high-quality animal and plant resources is booming in the world. In China, due to continuous changes in the spectrum of human diseases, the continuous improvement of health standards and the advent of an aging society, people have been prompted to change the traditional medical model.
Anti-emphasis on treatment, focusing on the regulation of physiological functions and enhanced immunity. So far, special functional edible fungi are recognized as a model for humans to meet this demand. The "oblique tube hole bacteria" is the superiority of its superiority, belonging to the non-folding mycelium (formerly called Polyporales), a kind of Inonotus genus (Inonotus), in which the polysaccharide content is higher than Ganoderma More than doubled. It has been used abroad for several decades in the prevention and treatment of cancer, diabetes and AIDS. It is a hopeful star for effective prevention and treatment of difficult diseases. Jinbaoshen Capsule is a natural, best-quality, slim-pore fungus, imported from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Russia, and other internationally top-end and most advanced microbial engineering technologies and processes, combined with its own patented technology and intellectual property rights, developed by Seiko. And the pure extract. The main active ingredients include: polysaccharides, pigments, flavonoids, triterpenes, inositol (cyclohexanol), lolliosyl alcohol, alkaloids, peptides, nucleosides, etc., and contain a variety of trace elements, can enhance human immunity ability. Easy to use and effective.

Ginseng stewed hen: a hen, Angelica, Codonopsis 15 grams, condiments amount. Angelica, the party to participate in onions, ginger, rice wine, salt and other condiments into the wash with the chicken belly, put the casserole, add water amount, with Wuhuo after boiling, turn slow fire stewed meat cooked, cooled and edible meat Drink soup This soup has Qi and nourishing, the role of spleen tonic for chronic illness and body failure, lazy gas lazy words, fatigue, spontaneous perspiration, palpitations, insomnia, memory loss, eyes dim fry consumption.
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Chicken congee: hen soup 1000 ml, 50 grams of rice. Wash the rice clean, skim the surface of the chicken oil slick, with the pan, Wu Huofen boiling, simmer cook until cooked instant Serve, twice daily, for breakfast and dinner food. Nourishing blood, Ann five dirty, apply to the essence of blood loss, lack of kidney qi, postpartum dystrophy and "flow of people" after blood deficiency and other patients eat.
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Longan chicken soup: a small cock, longan 30 grams. The small cock chop into pieces, hot to bloody water, together with the longan into the casserole, add cooking wine and the amount of water, the first Wuhuo boil, then simmer slow stew to chicken cooked rotten degree. Add salt seasoning, when the food or dessert consumption. This soup has the role of Wenshen impotence, suitable for patients with urinary frequency or enuresis caused by deficiency of kidney yang consumption. If the symptoms are heavier, you can also join Cistanche 12 grams.

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