Meat-feeding technology

Meat oysters, also known as quail ducks, are geese and ducks. They are used for meat, medicinal, nourishing, and ornamental animals. Economic value Meat quail grows fast, feeding costs are low, up to 3 kilograms in 80 days, and egg production starts at 6 months of age. From small to very mature and egg production, the average daily feed is only 0.25 pounds. It can produce about 200 eggs per year, with an average weight of 72 grams and a maximum of 100 grams. The fragrant meat is pure and even better than the soft-shelled turtle. Living habits can be raised with water and water. Temperature and cold resistance, strong adaptability, can be raised throughout the country. Breeding methods Breeding management of males and females can be polycultured by 1:3, and can be raised in captivity, free-range farming and stocking. It is advisable to have 50 to 100 animals in captivity. There should be a pool and appropriate activity space in the circle. There are nest boxes or egg production pools, and drinking water is constant. Try to keep the house dry, clean, ventilated, and with sufficient light. In terms of feed, concentrates are fed more during the laying period. At the same time, increase some inorganic salts and trace elements. It can be kept in rough production. After the hatchlings are hatched and managed, the hatchlings are sensitive to temperature within 1 to 3 days after shelling, and the temperature should not be lower than 30°C. After 3 days, gradually cool down. At the same time, the time and intensity of light should be maintained, and the growth of the light should be shortened and weakened as it grows. The food should be eaten for about 24 hours from the hatch, keeping drinking water continuously, and the water should not be poured into the water. Feed can feed chickens, ducklings feed, can also be fed raw rice, noodles and so on. After 1 month of juvenile feeding and management, the growth rate of alfalfa is accelerating, especially between 2 months and 4 months of age. Therefore, it is also the longest period for feeding, and full-price feed is required. Under conditions, the male and female are raised separately. During this period, there were two growths of feathers, one was the growth of tail feathers at the age of about one month, and the other was the increase of sulfur amino acids and treatment at the age of 20 days when the main wing feathers were growing at the age of 2 months. Feather additives, such as feather powder, stop spirits and so on. Pay attention to stocking density and environmental hygiene, limit light intensity, etc.

X-ray Digital Machine

Digital Radiography made affordable, Created to meet the needs of community to hospitals and private radiology practices, it enables the price-sensitive customers to join the drive to go digital.The versatile floor mounted radiography system enables you to go from film to CR to DR. Flooe-mounted easy for installation and operation.
The United-imaging is floor mounted system comprises a radiographic table with integral floor guide rail and a wallstabd. Requiring little room preparation, it is easy to install.

United-imaging according to the international advanced processing mode and standardlize design. the parts are made with precision CNC machine and moulding. Which adopt high degree of standardized, reasonable and compact structure. With reliable, durable and elegant appearance and advanced processing technology.

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