Introduction to the structure of the boiler

The boiler is mainly composed of three parts: the furnace, the drum and the internal device of the drum.

Furnace design furnace design requires full consideration of the characteristics of the fuel used. Each boiler should be burned as much as possible of the original design fuel. The economics and reliability of boiler operation may be reduced when fuels with different characteristics are burned.

The drum is a cylindrical container that receives the feed water from the economizer, connects the circulation loop, and delivers saturated steam to the superheater in a natural circulation and multiple forced circulation boilers. The drum is made of high-quality thick steel plate and is one of the important parts of the boiler. The main function of the drum is to store water, to separate the steam and water, to eliminate the brine and sludge in the pot water during operation, and to avoid the pot water containing high concentration of salt and impurities from entering the superheater and the steam turbine with the steam.

The internal components of the drum include steam-water separation and steam cleaning devices, water supply distribution pipes, sewage disposal and dosing equipment. The function of the steam-water separation device is to separate the saturated steam and water from the water wall and to minimize the fine water droplets carried in the steam. The baffles and gap baffles commonly used in medium and low pressure boilers are used as coarse separation elements; the boilers above medium pressure are widely used in various types of cyclones for coarse separation, and also use louvered windows, steel mesh or average steam plates. Further separation. Monitoring and protection facilities such as water level gauges and safety valves are also installed on the drum.

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