Extend the freshness of fresh dates

After fresh dates are stored in natural conditions, only a few days of brittleness, the flesh will soon turn brown and soften. In order to prolong the shelf life of fresh dates, it is necessary to control the storage environment.
The suitable storage environment conditions for fresh jujube are as follows: 1. The freezing point of jujube fruit is lower than that of ordinary fruits, and the higher the temperature, the better the storage effect is. Different degrees of maturity have different freezing temperatures, so different mature dates of winter jujube should be treated separately, generally held at 0 ~ 1 °C is better. Under refrigerated conditions, the relative humidity suitable for storage of winter jujube is 90% to 95%. 2. Under refrigerated conditions, the oxygen content should be controlled at 3%~6%. The jujube is a very sensitive species to carbon dioxide, and the appropriate carbon dioxide content should be 2% to 4%.
On the one hand, storage of jujube must have certain low-temperature sealing conditions in order to reduce the water loss and reduce the respiratory intensity; on the other hand, it should maintain appropriate air permeability to prevent the accumulation of ethanol. Therefore, it is generally stored in a 0.05 mm thick PVC punched bag for storage to prevent carbon dioxide poisoning, and also to maintain the humidity inside the bag to ensure the fresh state of the fruit. Store fresh jujube under low temperature conditions, generally can be used to pack 0.5 ~ 1 kg of plastic pouch packaging (pocket side of the hole diameter of 3 to 4 mm each 2 to 3). 25% of coloring, injury-free and disease-free jujube fruits were pre-soaked in 2% calcium chloride solution for 30 minutes and pre-cooled at 5-6°C for 1 to 2 days. After the jujube temperature drops to 6~7°C, it is bagged, tied tightly, and stored at a temperature of 0~1°C and a relative temperature of 90%~95% in a cold store. In addition, it also needs to do a good job of storage management, mainly including the adjustment of temperature, humidity and gas composition. At the same time, every 7~10 days sampling inspection once, timely processing of jujube fruit should not be stored again.

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