Early prevention of premature aging of cucumber in autumn

The weather that has not seen the sun for more than half a month has a great influence on the growth of autumn cucumber, not only the yield is extremely low, but also leads to premature aging. Take measures as soon as possible.
First, increase the temperature difference between day and night to increase lighting in the shed. Even cloudy days, due to lack of light in the shed, the accumulation of photosynthetic products is small and consumes much, which is one of the causes of premature aging. During this period of time, the daytime temperature in the shed should be controlled to 20°C~30°C, and the night temperature should be 12°C~15°C. The light in the rainy shelter room is weak, and the greenhouse film should be wiped in time to increase the light intensity of the greenhouse, increase the accumulation of nutrients in the leaves, and prevent premature aging of the leaves.
Second, strengthen root care and ensure nutrient absorption. Even during cloudy days, the evaporation of the plants is very small. Unless it is particularly arid, it is best not to water, so as to avoid excessive humidity in the shed, causing problems such as roots. It is recommended that after the end of cloudy days 3 to 4 days, the roots of the plants will be recovered and then top-dressed with water. At this time, the root system is weak, and alginic acid, chitin, and humic acid fertilizers that are conducive to rooting and rooting should be selected. At the same time, nutrition can be supplemented with total water-soluble fertilizers, which can be 3 to 5 kilograms per mu. Remind farmers to pay attention to avoiding the use of poor quality paste fertilizer with high hormone content. Although hormones can promote rapid rooting, they can easily cause premature plant failure.
Finally, the leaves were supplemented with nutrients and the plant growth regulators were applied rationally to improve the resistance of the plants. Even cloudy plants lack nutrition and growth is weak. Attention should be paid to the nutrition of the foliage to enhance the resistance of the plants. Foliar can be sprayed with full-grown foliar fertilizer, chitin, and alizarin lactone to supplement leaf nutrient, promote chlorophyll synthesis, and increase photosynthetic efficiency.

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