Engine oil pressure is not normal and the hazard

In addition to the oil pump's pumping capacity, the oil passing area (refers to the oil passage, filter element, and the gap between the lubrication parts, etc.) and the viscosity of the oil will affect the oil pressure.

When the engine is working, normal oil pressure must be maintained. If the oil pressure is too low, the friction surfaces will be worn out due to insufficient lubrication. If the oil pressure is too high, the oil seals and tubings will be easily damaged and the engine power will be consumed. When the car is running, the pressure of the lubricating oil is generally kept at 0.2-0.5mpa. When the engine is idling, the oil pressure should not be less than 0.1mpa.

1. If the oil pressure is too low, the lubrication conditions of the engine will be damaged, causing lubrication, cooling and poor cleaning, which will cause the components to stick and wear. The gap between the crankshaft main journal and the connecting rod journal and the bearing is too large, the oil viscosity is too low and the filter element rupture can cause the oil pressure to be too low.

2. The oil pressure is too high, although it is rare, but it will also damage the normal lubrication conditions. If the oil viscosity is too large, deteriorating and debinding, the filter element and the oil passage are blocked, improper adjustment of the pressure regulating valve or failure to open the valve may cause the oil pressure to be too high.

3, excessive consumption of engine oil, the normal engine oil consumption and gasoline ratio is 0.5% -1%, if more than 1% is not normal. Excessive oil consumption causes more engine oil than oil leakage. The main reasons are: excessive clearance between the piston and the cylinder wall, excessive wear of the piston ring or insufficient elastic force, excessive wear of the valve guide tube, and damage to the valve stem oil seal. The use of Chinepu engine super repair agent can greatly improve the sealing performance of the piston ring, repair the worn internal parts and reduce the consumption of oil.

Window Screen

Window Screen

In generally, the Window Screen including stainless steel window screen, aluminum window screen, alloy window screen, fiberglass window screen, etc .

The weave type is flat weaving.

Surface treatment of window screen: painted, glavanized, PVC, etc .

The window screen is generally used in hotels, public construction, civil buiding block of the mosquitoes and other insects.

Advantages of window screen :

light weight

good toughness


ventilated good corrosion resistance

easy to clean

Window Screen

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