Garlic has been ignoring Xinjiang garlic's "worth" return to flat

September was the peak season for the production and sales of garlic. However, in September this year, the purchase price of white garlic in Jimusar County, “Hometown of Chinese Garlic”, plummeted, rising drastically from last year's 35 yuan per kilogram. Head garlic), to today's 10 yuan per kilogram, garlic's "worth" from the erosion back to flat.

In the retail market, the price of garlic per kilogram at present is between 5 yuan and 5.5 yuan, which is only one-third of the peak value of garlic. Behind the big price drop in garlic, the garlic wholesale market has seen the phenomenon of garlic, garlic, wait-and-see, and the price of garlic.

The real estate garlic wholesale market deserted into September, Jimusar County, a lot of white garlic listed one after another. This should be the sales season, in the Jimusar County garlic wholesale market is another transaction cold scene: more than 20 garlic stalls before, it is difficult to buy garlic figure, garlic business or get together to chat or tease children to play, big In the market, only a group of female workers are head down to sort out new garlic.

“The big one is 13 yuan and the smaller is 10 yuan.” At the entrance of the market, a couple of garlic merchants and their husbands were busy with greetings. After understanding the purpose of the reporter, the couple complained: "The market is not good..." Wu Jinhui and his wife have purchased White Peel for 6 years in Quanzijie Town of Jimsar County. This year they acquired nearly 20 acres of garlic from Since it was only about 1,000 metric tons of goods shipped to the market, there were more than 8,000 ash left in the warehouse. Looking at the good garlic, the Wu Jinhui couple looked very anxious.

“The garlic harvest is good, but there are not many people to buy, and even the secondary wholesalers in the surrounding counties and cities have very few, let alone merchants in Kashi and Hetian.” The largest wholesale merchant in the garlic wholesale market in the county The reporter said: "This year's bad sales, garlic can not walk at all, and the price is not high, now only the garlic will be acquired, put into the old garlic after the inventory, and when the price rise a little more to earn points."

Different from the garlic wholesale market in Jimsar County, the reporters saw another sales situation in the wholesale market of Beiyuanchun Agricultural Products Center, the largest agricultural product distribution center in Urumqi. Hanging with Shandong, Henan, Yunnan and other licenses, the trucks with a carrying capacity of about 30 tons were filled with garlic, and transactions under the car were in full swing.

The reporter learned from the Beiyuanchun Wholesale Market that the best-selling garlic in the market mainly came from the two major production bases of garlic in Shandong and Henan, and the single head garlic produced in Yunnan also occupied a certain market share. The mainland garlic occupied 90% of the market share. In close proximity to the Jimsar County, garlic in the capital wholesale market is a little bit, 5% of the market share can not naturally control the market price of garlic, Xinjiang garlic prices still have to follow the mainland garlic prices ups and downs.

Harvest price of garlic "diving"

Jimsar County Garlic is marketed in two quarters a year. The first season is from late June to mid-July, which is commonly referred to as red garlic. The second season is September white garlic. Affected by the high prices of garlic all over the country last year, farmers in Jimsar County have expanded their garlic planting area in April this year. According to statistics, last year, Jimsar County only planted more than 1200 acres of garlic, this year it expanded to 3,000 acres, only 1874 acres of pollution-free white garlic, has now all listed, the average yield of up to 978 kg, according to the current wholesale price Calculated at 3.5 yuan per kilogram, the mu income can reach 3,423 yuan.

Luo Zhendong, director of Zhendong Garlic Specialty Cooperative in Xindi Township, Jimusar County, said that one reason for the “diving” of garlic prices this year is the expansion of planting area and the harvest of garlic. This time, the price of garlic was considered to have returned to its normal position, maintaining a slight increase in the normal state of previous years. The high garlic price in 2010 was an exception.

Luo Zhendong said: "In 2010, the price of garlic was extremely high, and once garlic was sold for 35 yuan, the common agricultural product such as garlic turned into a 'golden garlic'. The market has a good market and the price is high. The garlic planting area has increased this year. This year, Jimsar County has grown more than 1,000 acres of land to grow garlic.”

Luo Zhendong combed the garlic market line in recent years: In 2004 and 2005, garlic prices have been growing, with prices at around RMB 6 per bottle. By March 2006, garlic prices reached the highest peak, RMB 10 per package. , garlic business profitable. A large number of people entered the "fried garlic" industry that year. As a result, the garlic planting area expanded year after year, resulting in a sluggish garlic market in 2007 and garlic being unmarketable.

In 2008, garlic prices fell to the bottom, selling only 4.5 yuan each time. In 2009, it returned to 10 yuan per kilogram, but not many farmers planted garlic. In 2010, garlic prices rose all the way through exports of garlic and garlic. The price of garlic has been difficult to meet for 20 years. From last year's high price to the current low price, garlic has returned to normal prices.

According to a survey by the reporter, most garlic merchants hope that the price of high garlic can continue for some time. However, most garlic traders understand that the "high value" of garlic in 2010 is almost impossible to reproduce.

It is difficult to increase the added value to find ways to increase the income of garlic farmers by selling primary agricultural products alone. To help farmers increase their income, they must increase the added value of garlic, develop downstream products, and extend the product line. Luo Zhendong said that we have more than 1,000 mu of land. In the garlic planting base, there is not a nearby plant that uses garlic as a raw material. “Our country produces garlic alliin, which is very spicy. Many people are not used to it, but it is very good to make medicine.”

In recent years, Jimsar County has actively sought to develop cooperative agricultural products and increase its added value. Xinjiang Medical University is looking at the advantages of garlic in Jimusar County and signed a cooperation agreement with Jimsar County for the construction of a base for medicinal garlic raw materials.

"In addition to medicinal value, garlic is a relatively simple method of food consumption. Only deep-processed products can open the market. If you can change the mix of cold vegetables before buying garlic, then you can buy garlic immediately." The leadership team of Jimsar County County Committee is currently working towards this idea. Once garlic has achieved deep processing, it will increase the garlic farmers' profits by 20% to 30%.

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