How to choose people flow or drug flow

Compared with abortion and medical abortion, no instruments enter the uterus during the process of medical abortion, the possibility of infection after abortion is relatively small, and the risk of endometrial injury is also small. In the process of abortion, the aspirator must enter the uterine cavity and also scrape off attachments on the inner wall of the uterus. If the operating doctor is experienced, it will not injure the endometrium, but if the operation is improper, the endometrium will be damaged.

The endometrium is like a “field.” If the endometrium is scarred, the “seeds” may not have a “soil” for growth and development in the future.

The key to medical abortion is early, so people with regular cycles can be found immediately after pregnancy. Medication abortion is applicable early in pregnancy (from 39 to 49 days from the first day of the last menstruation). Before the medical abortion, must do B-ultrasound examination, we must first exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy; Second, we must measure the size of the fetal sac, fetal sac more than 2.3 cm is not suitable for medical abortion. In addition, the whole process of medical abortion is relatively long and needs to be taken at home for 3 days. After the abortion, the patient is taken to the hospital for taking Kaigongkou medicine. After a few hours of observation in the hospital, the doctor confirms whether the fetal sac is excreted. Another point to remind everyone is: medical abortion has a 5% failure rate, if not successful, you still need to do abortion remedy.

The bleeding time after medical abortion is relatively long. If you have continuous bleeding for more than 1 week, you must immediately go to the hospital for treatment. Ask your doctor for help. It is dangerous to take a drug yourself for miscarriage.

In addition to taking into account future fertility issues, in addition to drug abortions, women who are relatively soft in the womb are more likely to choose drug flows. Women who have undergone caesarean section have scars on the uterus. The shape of the uterus of women with uterine fibroids may change. It is more difficult to perform artificial abortion in both cases. Medical abortion may also be considered.

In recent years, there is also a technique that uses general anesthesia in the process of artificial abortion. There is almost no pain during the operation. People who are more sensitive to pain reactions are also suitable for people who have fear of miscarriage. However, pregnant women are required to have normal cardiopulmonary function and no allergic reaction to anaesthetic agents.

Expert advice, no matter which method is used, must be carried out in a regular hospital (regulations that hospitals above Grade A and above are eligible for such surgeries) and must not be conducted in small clinics that do not have the qualifications for practice. Otherwise, the fallopian tube may be blocked due to inflammation, resulting in severe consequences of infertility.

Either way, it is a last resort remedy. It has certain risks and may even endanger life. The best way is to use appropriate contraception to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

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