New tomato varieties can produce astaxanthin

Botrytis cinerea is a major disease in tomato in greenhouses in recent years. It can occur both at the seedling stage and the adult plant stage. Flowers, fruits, leaves and stems can all be affected. In particular, the damage caused by green fruits is the heaviest and the yield and quality of tomato are affected. Great. The following describes several methods of prevention and control.

Agricultural Prevention and Control Strengthen cultivation management, increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizers appropriately, and increase plant disease resistance. Promote drip irrigation and under-membrane irrigation techniques to prevent flooding. At the beginning of the disease, the remaining petal and stigma should be removed in a timely manner to remove diseased leaves and diseased fruits and to remove diseased plants to prevent the spread of disease.

Ecological control aims to increase temperature and eliminate humidity and strengthen ventilation management. The specific approach is: First, close the shed to warm up in the sunny morning; when the temperature reaches 28°C~30°C, the top wind will continue to be released after one hour, and continue to release air at noon, and the temperature is maintained at 20°C~25°C. When the temperature reaches 18°C ​​to 20°C in the afternoon, the ventilation openings are closed. The night temperature is maintained at 14°C to 16°C and the relative humidity is maintained at 70% to 80%. Cloudy days also have to be ventilated for short periods at noon.

Before the colonization of pesticides, 50% Suo Keling wettable powder 1500 times or 50% Carbendazim wettable powder 500 times sprayed seedlings to prevent bacteria from entering the greenhouse; at the early stage of disease, 50% Suo Keling wettable powder was used. 2000-3000 times liquid, 45% Tec-Suspension 3000-4000 times or 50% acetaminophen wettable powder 1500 times, spray every 7-10 days, even spray 3 to 4 times. Botrytis cinerea is easy to produce drug resistance, and the amount and frequency of application should be reduced as much as possible during the prevention and treatment, and attention should be paid to rotation and alternation of medication.

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