There are many benefits to clearing winter ponds

Under the condition of intensive farming, due to the long-term accumulation and sedimentation of a large number of baits, biological excrement, and corpses of cultured animals, a certain thickness of silt is formed at the bottom of the pond. These excessively thick silt seriously restrict the aquaculture production and benefits, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Reducing the effective volume of silt in the water body will make the pool water shallow, and the living space of the fish will be smaller, directly affecting the yield per unit area of ​​the pond.

2. It is easy to cause large amounts of organic matter in the fish's anoxic sludge. Oxidative decomposition of these organics consumes a large amount of oxygen in the water, making the water in a state of hypoxia or hypoxia, which is not conducive to the growth of fish, and long-term low oxygen The environment will increase the fish's feed coefficient.

3. Organic substances in toxic and harmful substances Sludge The decomposition of anaerobic bacteria produces a large amount of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, etc. These substances have a certain toxic effect on fish.

4, easy to cause water acidification of organic matter in the sludge in the role of anaerobic and anaerobic microorganisms will produce a variety of organic and inorganic acids, so that the water acidification, PH value decreased significantly.

5. Disease-causing silt is the best place for the survival and reproduction of various bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These are very easy to cause diseases in fish, and it is particularly easy to repeat after treatment.

6. Affecting the quality of aquatic products Some organic substances in sludge will produce some organic phenolic substances after decomposed and fermented under certain conditions. This is the reason why fish will feel a little diesel smell when they eat, which seriously affects the water. Product quality and economic benefits.

In the above aspects, it can be seen that the sludge is too thick and the harm to aquaculture production is very serious. Therefore, it is recommended that a large number of farmers thoroughly use the free season after the sale of aquatic products in the winter pond to clean up the pond to effectively improve these conditions. Specific clear practices are as follows:

1, remove excess silt in the pond, so that the thickness of the sludge is maintained at about 15 cm, and increase the pool reinforcement; put the cleared sludge in the dry field as an old terrestrial plant to act as an organic fertilizer.

2. Apply 75 kg of calcined water to the whole pool per acre of water. At the same time, allow the bottom mud to be fully exposed to the sun for freezing to kill the wild fish and some pathogenic microorganisms.

3, dredge the river, use this part of the dry season in winter to clean up the water system to ensure that the next year's breeding and drainage system is open.

The benefits of pond clearing:

1. Heightening of the pool can enhance the water retention performance of the pond, and it is also conducive to the flood control work during the flood season in the coming year.

2. Increasing the effective volume of the pond will help increase the yield per unit area of ​​the pond.

3. Reducing the amount of organic matter in the pond reduces the large amount of oxygen-consuming factors, effectively guarantees the oxygen demand of the fish, and reduces the bait coefficient of the fish.

4, reduce the source of a large number of toxic and harmful substances less sludge can reduce the source of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane and other substances.

5. Lime clear pond can effectively improve the water quality, increase the buffer capacity of pool water, keep the PH value stable, make the pool water alkaline, and also help to promote the release of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the soil. The body's fatness.

6, reduce the proliferation of pathogens in various places can effectively reduce the incidence of fish, reduce the cost of drugs.

7. To improve the quality of aquatic products, the quality of aquatic products grown in high-quality water environment is significantly higher than that of aquatic products grown in ponds with too thick silt, and the market price is obviously higher, so the economic benefits will be obvious. improve.

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