The market terminal prices further raised why "impersonate" Shouguang dishes?

The terminal price of the market is further raised Why does "impersonate" Shouguang cuisine? It is difficult for people to buy vegetables and farmers to sell vegetables, and circulation is an important factor. The asymmetric production and sales information and irrational logistics organization further raised the terminal price.

Since winter, the price of vegetables has risen again. The vegetable stalls downstairs, the original 1 yuan a pound of eggplant and tomatoes, is now selling 3 yuan a pound. Two or two pork, one eggplant, two tomatoes, four eggs - neighbor Zhang Ayi's two-month old meal, spent more than ten dollars.

The price of vegetables is expensive and the living expenses of the citizens have increased a lot. Retired workers like Zhang Axie need to spend more than 30 yuan a day for light meals. They must spend more than 1,000 yuan a month and take up nearly half a month's wages.

It stands to reason that if the price of vegetables goes up, farmers will benefit, but this is not the case. From the information provided by farmers all over the country, the difficulty in selling vegetables and the low purchase price are still common. Some Chinese cabbage farmers were crippled in the ground because they could not sell it.

Why is the price of vegetables so high? Many circulation links and long periods are important factors. According to the calculation of the Ministry of Commerce, China's vegetables from the field to the consumer's table generally go through 4 to 6 steps. Each additional circulation link will increase the cost by 5% to 10%. Moreover, due to the delay in the construction of cold chain logistics facilities, the transfer of vegetables will also be faced with Many uncontrollable factors such as climate change and road congestion have caused a lot of losses. Not only that, because of the asymmetric production and sales information, the logistics organization is irrational, which further increases the circulation cost and raises the terminal selling price. In this respect, Inner Mongolia's agricultural products “bypass Beijing” is a very typical example.

Today, many vegetables planted by Inner Mongolia farmers have to be concentrated in Shouguang, Shandong before entering the Beijing market. In order to be able to sell a good price, some vegetables even have to be labeled with a "Shouguang Vegetable," in order to have a good price. However, all the way down, the extra shipping, venue and labor costs will eventually be added. The price of vegetables is passed on to consumers.

Similar to the circulation problem of vegetables in Inner Mongolia, such as the “circumvention to Beijing”, it is related to the market structure of agricultural product circulation that has been formed for a long time, but in the final analysis, it still lies in the unsmooth communication of production and sales information. Just imagine, if Beijing consumers can more fully understand the quality of Inner Mongolia's agricultural products, who would care about the label of “Shouguang Vegetable”? If the Beijing market can create convenient channels for Inner Mongolian vegetables, why should the vegetable farmers in Inner Mongolia bypass Shandong?

In order to smooth the production and sales of information, the competent authorities need to continue to promote agricultural docking, agricultural docking, docking and other forms of docking and other forms of production docking, to create more and more efficient channels and production and marketing chain. At the same time, as soon as possible to establish and improve the public welfare online fruits and vegetables information platform, timely release of supply and demand information, so that organizations including farmers' professional cooperatives to find the direction of production and marketing docking, promote farmers from the "passive acquisition" to "active sales" change . At present, the Ministry of Commerce is taking measures to try to broaden the main channels for the circulation of large and small agricultural products in the north and the south, and to carry out the trials of Nancai Beiyun and Xiguo Dongsong, and has built a cumulative total of 97 production centers and 30 sales and distribution centers. 127 cross-regional production and sales chains provide more convenience for both production and sales.

Of course, letting down the excessively high vegetable prices, while reducing the cost of circulation, we must also further improve the vegetable reserve system, guide farmers in scientific cultivation, and ensure market supply. Only by adopting multiple measures can we maintain the stability of the vegetable market so as to better protect the income of farmers and allow consumers to eat vegetables that are reasonably priced, safe and delicious.

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