How to eat hot pot before it is healthy

The weather is getting colder, and the hot pot has become a favorite of many people. Yes, Shabu Shabu is not only delicious but also has warm-up effects. How to eat to make the shabu-shabu play a health role?

Hot Pot

1. Put more vegetables. In the soup pot, there are not only foods such as meat, fish and animal organs, but also more vegetables. Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and chlorophyll, its more cold and cool, not only can eliminate greasy, to supplement the lack of human vitamins, as well as cool, detoxification, to the role of fire, but do not put the vegetables for a long time to cook, only to eliminate fire.

2. Put some tofu in the right amount. Tofu is a kind of soy product containing gypsum. Tofu is properly placed in the hot pot. It can not only supplement the intake of various trace elements, but also play the role of gypsum for heat, fire, and irritability.

3. Add some white lotus. White Lotus is not only rich in nutrients, but also a good medicine for body replenishment. The white lotus is properly added in the hot pot. The combination of meat and vegetables can help balance nutrition and health. It is best not to put lotus root into the white lotus, because the lotus heart has the function of pure heart and purging fire. When friends abroad go out to buy Chinese hot pot ingredients, they should pay more attention to adding some white lotus stew.

4. You can put some ginger. Ginger can be seasoned, cold-resistant, hot pot can be put in the point of not peeling ginger, ginger cool, there are scattered fire heat.

5. Seasoning should be light. Seasonings such as chili sauce, etc., for large gastrointestinal irritation, the use of soy sauce, sesame oil and other lighter ingredients can avoid gastrointestinal irritation, reduce the "heat." When eating hot pot, make sure the pot is boiling and the hot pot bottom material is mixed evenly before eating.

6. Eat more fruit after meals. In general, you can eat some fruit after eating hot pot thirty to forty minutes. The fruit is cool and has a good fire-fighting effect. If only one or two fruits are eaten after the meal, it will prevent “burning”.

7, can also be equipped with some health drinks, such as low-alcoholic "mulberry wine" and high concentration of fruit juice "mulberry juice", "orange juice", "grape juice", etc., must be genuine.

The choice of the main dish, the lean ones can choose more lamb, the red thin-cut delicate mutton is best, the sheep's waist, goat's belly and the like can also be. People with high blood lipids and high blood pressure should reduce the amount of mutton, increase the proportion of duck blood, tofu, seafood and other food ingredients, do not eat viscera, and reduce the risk of raising blood pressure and blood lipids.

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