Domestic medical device sales "a view"

Domestic medical device sales "a view" It has been estimated that the medical device market in China has a capacity of 120 billion yuan. The traditional sales method is that the manufacturer integrates the resources of the agents to sell the equipment to the hospital. The deficiency lies in the long single cycle (passing through the department director, equipment department, and vice president). Deans, tenders, etc.), high costs, intense competition, and low profit margins do not apply to the sale of all hospitals and medical equipment, because the conditions for purchasing medical equipment at all levels of hospitals vary greatly, and large-scale medical services worth more than RMB 10 million Equipment and tens of thousands of yuan, a few thousand dollars of small equipment procurement process is not the same, thus extending the following sales methods:

1. Cooperation is divided into. Some hospitals want to purchase medical equipment. However, they will not be able to pay for it at any time. Medical equipment suppliers will take the form of cooperative sharing. For example, if the equipment is 500,000 yuan, the hospital will first pay 100,000 yuan, and then divide it into five parts, when the supplier’s share is divided into When it reaches 400,000 yuan, the contract is terminated and the equipment is owned by the hospital.

2. Medical project packaging. After 2005, with the increasingly fierce competition in the sales of medical equipment, some hospitals need to purchase a batch of equipment for the purpose of rating or building a new building. Some medical equipment dealers began to transition, test the water "medical project package," the equipment needed for the department together packaged and sold to the hospital.

3. Equipment rental. With the development of medical science and bioengineering technology, hospitals have rapidly increased the demand for high-end medical equipment such as MRI, CT, PET, Gamma Knife and other high-tech imaging equipment and radiotherapy equipment, but these equipments often require several million yuan. Even tens of millions of dollars. What can I do if the hospital does not have enough money for a while? Introduce financial leasing companies.

4. Medical equipment investment. The investment in medical equipment is different from the share of cooperation. The difference is that the share of cooperation remains at the level of selling equipment. Medical equipment investment provides an integrated, complete and comprehensive solution. It not only provides medical training, product maintenance and other ancillary services, in order to achieve better and faster product value, will also provide marketing, project management, promotion and other related services, so that customers do not have to worry about the new project operations.

5. Selling high-priced supplies to send equipment. This model is commonly used for the sale of biological reagents, that is, the first to send the equipment to the hospital, so that the hospital purchases the matching biological reagents. When the use of biological reagents reaches a certain consumption, the equipment is owned by the hospital, which is essentially an exclusive one. method of sales.

6. Selling expensive supplies does not sell equipment. Selling high-priced consumables and not selling equipment is the sales method that NovaSure technology promotes in the Chinese market. First, contact the hospital. If the hospital is willing to launch NovaSure technology, first purchase expensive consumables, then take the equipment for surgery, after the surgery, the equipment Take it away. This kind of sales method is not the same as the above-mentioned ones. The equipment is not in the hospital. The manufacturer provides the surgery. This model is not smooth during the actual operation and the market prospects are uncertain.

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