Winter ducklings

To avoid cold, a duck house should be built in a leeward, sunny, high-stem and dry place, and the hay or dry ash should be changed frequently. The temperature should be controlled at 5 degrees Celsius or more.

Supplemental lighting should ensure that the light time is about 15 hours a day to promote egg maturation. One 40-watt light bulb is installed for every 15 square meters, and the height of the lamp head is 2 meters away from the duck body, and the distance between the light and the light is 3 meters.

Appropriate density per square meter: 6-8 feathers raised on the ground, 8-10 feathers raised on the net, and 20 feathers raised in cages to facilitate mutual heating between ducks and ducks.

When the rate of egg production for supplemental concentrates is around 60%, it will be fed 3 times a day; if it is fed at more than 80%, the feed volume will have to be increased accordingly. Each duck will feed 100-200 grams of feed per day, but do not change it. Feed varieties, but not too much to feed grain, corresponding to increase some green feed and coarse material.

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Flexible watering should be carried out at 10 o'clock in the morning and 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Take a shower for about 10 minutes. Cloudy, windless day, water in the morning, and water in the afternoon.

Adding night food to winter nights, nights, and nights, the temperature is low, you can add a warm feed, not only can increase the nutrition of the ducks, but also help the duck warm, increase the egg production rate.

Daily stress should be kept quiet in preventing stress. Day and night, especially in the early morning, are prohibited from being attacked and stimulated by dogs, cats, rats, firecrackers, etc. to prevent laying hens from being affected by stress and disrupting ovulation rules, and even stop production.

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