Winter Persimmon Cultivation and Management Methods

First, persimmon tree planting

1. Choose an area to build a persimmon garden. It is advisable to choose a lee place with deep soil, loose soil and low groundwater level.

Dig hole base fertilizer. To follow the level of the mountain and build a horizontal terrace, a front hill, a back slope, or a fish scale pit mountain garden should be built. According to the line spacing of 6 meters to 5.5 meters, 20 plants per acre or 50 plants (close planting) were planted. The hole width and bottom width of the planting hole should reach 1 m, 0.8 m and 0.6 m, respectively. After weathering first, the weeds should be backfilled at the planting point, and the topsoil should be filled to 80% full. At the same time, a considerable amount of organic fertilizer should be backfilled as the base fertilizer. High tabletop 20 cm. When planting, apply 1 to 1.5 kg of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer per hole to improve the quality of planting and guarantee the growth needs.

3. Planting period. The most suitable period for the persimmon tree planting is after the autumn defoliation and before the spring sprouting, that is, before the mid-February, it generally does not surpass the rainwater.

Second, persimmon tree garden management

1. Increase fat and soil. Persimmon tree is a deep-rooted tree species, should expand the hole to increase soil fertigation material to prosper. The persimmon tree will be expanded in the winter to expand soil, with a length of 1 to 1.5 meters, a width of 0.4 meters, and a depth of 0.4 to 0.5 meters. When backfilling the topsoil, apply 100 to 150 kg of soil miscellaneous fertilizer or 50 kg of pig cow dung, or 100 to 150 kg of mushroom soil or 1 to 1.5 kg of calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer. Mix it with the topsoil and fill it in the bottom layer. The inner surface is filled with earth. It is also possible to deep-sweep the soil, that is, to spread the organic fertilizer on the canopy drip line, and then deepen 20 cm deep in the root. For high-yield persimmon trees, 6.5 kg of nitrogenous fertilizer, 2.5 kg of phosphate fertilizer, and 0.6 kg of potash should be applied per acre.

2. Trim the branches. Adult trees with tall tree crowns or overlapping branches need to be moderately retracted and pruned after falling leaves in winter. Short cuts should be used as the main method to reduce the number of dense branches, cross branches, leggy branches, and diseased branches to promote reasonable distribution of branches. , cut into a reasonable tree trend.

3. Winter Park. Pruning in winter should completely remove the diseased fruit, sick peduncles, dead branches and fallen leaves, and remove the sources of overwintering pests and diseases. The harmless persimmon tree of scale insects should be sprayed with 95 % oil emulsion (Fuling) for 150 times or Baume 5 degree lime sulfur for prevention and control before defoliation in winter and germination in spring.

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