Aquatic water conditioners improve the water quality of fishponds

Aquatic Water Conditioning Agents Effectively Improve Fishpond Water Quality Fish and shrimp aquaculture water quality conditioners are a kind of microbiological preparations for water quality protection and conditioning for fish and shrimps and other aquatic animals, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of aquatic animal pathogens and enhance the resistance of animals. Disease force, maintain the ecological balance of the water body, prevent "overflow pond" and "floating head", and greatly reduce the mortality rate. This product is a high-performance strain obtained through a series of high-tech methods such as separation, screening, mutagenesis, purification, and rejuvenation using the latest international microbiological engineering and technological achievements of the United States, Japan, and Korea. It is then compounded with other special effects substances through precision engineering. Contains high-performance Bacillus microorganisms (more than 2 billion effective viable cells per gram), natural chelates, and other beneficial biomasses. It is a natural and green microbial product and an ideal alternative to antibiotics. Effectively increase the output, quality, feed conversion rate and economic benefits of aquatic products.
Rapidly degrade organic and harmful substances. Kappa fish and shrimp water conditioners can rapidly and effectively degrade organic substances in water by decomposing various harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, sulfides and phosphorus through the mass reproduction and metabolites of functional microorganisms in the product. A purely microbiological way to protect life (fish and shrimps, etc.) by "life" (microorganisms' own life activities).
Purification improves water quality. Through the proliferation of functional micro-organisms and their metabolites in the product, the bottom siltation is eliminated or greatly reduced, the water quality is purified and improved, and the ecological balance of the water environment is maintained.
Effectively inhibit pathogens. The high-efficiency and high-vibration functional microorganisms in the product multiply and form dominant bacteria, which greatly inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. The "bacteria" (probiotic bacteria) system (suppression) "bacteria" (pathogens and other harmful bacteria) are enhanced. The immunity of aquatic animals greatly reduces the mortality rate (above 80%) and increases the survival rate of the cultured animals by more than 30%.
Significantly increase economic efficiency. The ratio of cost-effectiveness and input-output ratio is above 1:10.

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