Rose cultivation management

The rose is hi and sunny, and it is more cold-tolerant, drought-tolerant, cool and cool, and suitable for growing at 15-25 degrees. Rose has strong adaptability, strict requirements on soil, good growth in fertile neutral or slightly acidic light loam, and flowering. Before planting, the roots must be decomposed with organic fertilizer as base fertilizer, and then four times of fertilizer should be applied in the following year. That is: Apply fertilizer for germination once in 2-3 months, apply one-time flowering fertilizer before flowering, and apply one-time flower fertilizer after flowering. Strengthen the growth of the plant; apply a wintering fertilizer before the winter leaves fall, the amount can be a little more, which is to improve the ground temperature, so that the plants safe and conducive to winter. Potted roses are recommended for each 10 days of rotting liquid fertilizer.

The roses are drought-tolerant and have a long time. The lower leaves of the plant will fall off and even cause the plant to die. To plant roses generally do not need to water, just pour some in the early spring and dry season. Potted roses can be used to pour water once every 2-3 days, and should be watered every day in summer.

Rose is not only a beautiful flower, but also an extremely valuable economic plant. Its flowers can not only be used as raw materials for various kinds of candied fruit, but also extract essence and rose oil. In the international market, the value of rose oil is also quite high. When the roses bloom, they must pick flowers in time. If they do not pick flowers, they will only open flowers once a year. The more times the flowers are picked, the more flowering times will be. Flower picking is generally performed at the dawn of the day. Picking is best when the flower buds just open the ring. If the flowering flower is yellow, it can still be harvested. If the flowering flower heart is red, the quality is poor.

Roses generally bloom on the branches of the year, and often trimmed to make plants grow vigorously, flowers are flourishing, trees are beautiful, and flowering years can be extended. Pruning can be done before or during the flowering period.

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