Edible fungus catches five crops in autumn

In autumn, especially in early autumn, edible fungus production has many restrictive factors. Compared with winter production, the success rate is often low. In fact, this is why the prices of fresh mushrooms in autumn are high. Therefore, we must especially remind the majority of farmers: In this year's edible fungus production, especially large-scale production bases, we should strictly operate, pay attention to prevention, scientific management, to ensure the smooth progress of production. In actual production, the following "five levels" should be monitored.

The ratio of nutrition of the base material: In the general production, the straw such as cottonseed hull and corn cob are used as raw materials. However, the nutrition of all raw materials is dominated by carbon, and the lack of nutrients and irrationality can not satisfy the growth needs of edible fungi. Although it can produce mushrooms, it can be used for several months. Very little. The reason is that the lack of trace elements in the base material is the main problem, resulting in hyphae are not robust, poor resistance, the result must be heavy pollution, low yield. Therefore, adding the edible fungi three-dimensional nutrition essence to the formula can make it nutritionally comprehensive, rich, hyphae robust, strong, with a high ability to resist miscellaneous diseases, in order to achieve the ideal mushrooming state.

Mushroom Sterilization and Sterilization: The current generation of bacteria or mushrooms is mostly carried out in greenhouses. Therefore, the killing of sheds should be carried out in accordance with strict and thorough principles. Do not be lucky. In particular, the old mushroom shed has a large number of germs and pathogens, and many mushroom farmers are busy planting seeds. In addition to the lack of awareness and prevention concepts, they often ignore the killing of mushroom sheds, resulting in widespread pollution. , sometimes even irreparable losses. Treatment methods: The mushroom shed should be trimmed, the grass cover and other coverings removed, after the repair or replacement of the shed film, 800 times phoxim with water into the carpet and then spray all kinds of silly solution, closed mushroom shed, exposure 2 For 3 days, repeat the medication once. After 2 days of airtightness, open the ventilation and sprinkle lime powder on the ground. Then, the bag of bacteria after sowing can be moved into the fungus.

Clinker Inoculation Operation: The requirement for clinker inoculation is a standard operation. The traditional practice is to use potassium permanganate formaldehyde or aerosol for fumigation treatment, and then inoculation operations, on the one hand makes the vaccination personnel deeply affected by drugs, especially formaldehyde is a carcinogenic substance, and the residual period is longer, residue Larger, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the green food, edible fungi should be prohibited from use; on the other hand, the stimulation of drugs, inconvenient operation and labor intensity in the inoculation box, making the staff very tired, long-term operation will inevitably ease, Not standardized, so the pollution rate remained high. The inoculation operation was performed using the “mushroom inoculum and purifier”. After 10 minutes of powering on, it can be inoculated in the breeze emitted by the machine. It is harmless to the human body and has good anti-miscellaneous effect. The success rate of vaccination is high, making inoculation easier. freely.

During the germination period, the disease and insects were off: Although the mushroom shed had been completely eliminated in the earlier period, during the germination period, the management personnel’s entry and exit, continuous ventilation, etc., were bound to bring new bacteria pathogens into the shed. The risk of contamination still exists. Therefore, prevention efforts cannot be relaxed. Can generally use all diseases to prevent or kill the bacteria without bacteria and Saibai 09, cypermethrin kill insects, the main direction of the drug is the wall, the ground and vents, at the entrance, etc., the air can be a small amount of spray.

Prevention during the mushrooming period: During the entire period of germination, in addition to adhering to drug prevention, the “trend” of the bacterial disease should be closely observed, and initial contamination or disease symptoms should be discovered and immediately disposed of. The method is: use all kinds of silly and other liquids to brush the infected plaques, or apply pesticide powder directly to the contaminated sites to kill the pathogen completely. After the drug treatment is carried out on the contaminated bacteria bags, the light ones can continue mushrooming and the pollution is serious. After the bacteria are killed, they can be treated as organic fertilizers.

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