The first case of somatic cell cloning and transplantation in Inner Mongolia was successful

Recently, a high-yielding dairy cow that had passed embryo somatic cell cloned embryos was confirmed to have become pregnant after a pregnancy test. It is expected that calves will be born in June 2005. This is the first time in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, marking a major step forward in the somatic cloning of high-yielding dairy cows. The “Application of Somatic Cell Cloning Technology for High-yielding Dairy Cows” supported by the Special Fund for Foreign Experts Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was undertaken by the Animal Husbandry Academy of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In September and October this year, Dr. Wu Lan from Australia’s University of Melbourne and Dr. Hong Hongwu from Kastra Institute of Biotechnology, who successfully cloned the Australian Bull No.1, were invited to give lectures in the Animal Husbandry Academy of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Operation and on-site operation. The technical staff of the Animal Husbandry Academy collaborated with two experts to obtain 20 somatic cell clones and on-site transplantation of 14 cow embryos. (Shi Guiping Li Xia)

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