Natural pyrethrins have a good effect on controlling vegetable pests

Pyrethrum is native to the Dalmatian and Balkan Alps in Yugoslavia. It is a perennial herb of the Asteraceae family and was introduced from 1840 to 1976. It has been cultivated and used for 150 years. Pyrethrum is the only intensive planted insecticide in the world. It can extract the insecticidal active ingredient, natural pyrethrum, from its dried flowers. It has the following advantages: First, it can decompose natural pyrethrum in mammals. Enzyme, so it does not accumulate residues in mammals; Second, pyrethrum is easily degraded in nature, can minimize environmental pollution; Third, pyrethrum is highly efficient, has a rapid paralysis of many agricultural pests and health pests The effect or knockdown effect is used at a concentration of three-tenths of a degree. Fourth, long-term use of synthetic insecticides produces resistance to insects, whereas natural pyrethrins are contact-killing insecticides and consist of six components. Therefore, it is difficult for insects to produce drug resistance. Fifth, synthetic pesticides cause great pollution to the natural environment during production and use. Natural pyrethrins are obtained from cultivation, and their extraction process and use process are very harmful to the environment. less. Therefore, natural pyrethrins are recognized as the safest and most effective natural insecticides. In 2003, the National Agricultural Technology Center carried out tests to control vegetable pests with 5% natural pyrethrin in Hebei, Shandong, Jiangxi and Hainan Provinces. The test results show that using 5% natural pyrethrin 1500~2500 times, the lepidopteran pests such as cabbage caterpillar, Spodoptera litura, beet armyworm and other lepidopteran pests on cruciferous vegetables and soybeans knocked down fast, with 3 to 7 days The residual period has good control effect and no phytotoxicity is found on the crops. At the same time, natural pyrethrins are highly safe for agricultural products and the environment and are worthy of being tested and promoted on large areas of vegetables.


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