Aging Apricot Tree Pruning

During the aging period, the annual growth of the branches of the apricot tree can be significantly reduced. It is only 3 to 5 cm long and even shorter. The internal dead branches increased continuously, and the middle and lower parts of the backbone branches began to become bare and naked. As a result, the parts moved outwards, and the size and size of the results were serious. Therefore, the purpose of pruning senescence trees is to rejuvenate, restore vigor, and lengthen the results.

First, update the trim. The pruning of the aging tree is mainly the retraction of the stem branches and the use of leggy branches to update the results of the branches. The method of updating pruning is according to the master-slave relationship of the original tree trunk, the first main branch, and the rear side branch, followed by a heavier degree of retraction. The retraction of the main collaterals should be based on the principle of "bare branches remain, twigs stay short," and generally 1/3 to 1/2 of the original branch length can be sawn. Saw mouth should be flat, it is best coated with lead oil or slime to protect the wound.

Second, appropriate topping. Aging apricot trees have been updated and pruned, and the toppings have to be done in time to restore the canopy early. The second year will have a considerable yield. After the major branches are retracted, for the new shoots sent out, they should be timely selected as the new main branches, and the rest should be picked up in time to promote the occurrence of secondary branches and form new fruit branches. For the renewal branches that grow vigorously on the back, heavier toppings can be carried out, leaving about 20 cm long. After its second branch is issued, select one to two good-looking branches and perform two-folding of the heart at 30 cm. In that year, branches and flower buds can be formed. For senile apricot tree branches issued within the tree branches, can be continuous picking the heart, cultivating the resulting branches, fill the space, increase the results of the site.

Third, fertilize water. Pruning the aging apricot tree should be combined with scientific fertilization and watering so that good results can be obtained. In arid mountain areas, if the aging apricot tree is not rewatered after being renewed, the new shoot may be picked up. Not only will it not receive the effect of rejuvenation, it will accelerate the decline of the tree. Therefore, it is advisable to apply sufficient basal weight to the aging apricot trees and pour enough frozen water before the late autumn. After the pruning has been done, combine with watering and add some quick-acting fertilizer.

Fourth, tie the branches. Aging apricot trees are renewed and their new shoots grow quickly and are not strong. Especially the shoots that are generated by the buds near the kerf are easily shaken by the wind. Therefore, they should be carefully protected. The best method is to tie the sticks so that the shoots are not Swing with the wind.

Fifth, transform the tree. Some almond trees have never been trimmed, and their treetops have been prematurely decayed. The resulting parts have moved outwards, and the inner part is bald and the yield is very low. For this type of tree to be transformed, excessive, intersecting and overlapping branches and upright branches between layers are removed year by year, increasing the distance between the layers, so that sunlight is injected into the internal hemorrhoids, induces the internal hemorrhoids to send branches, and the culture results Branches. At the same time, it is necessary to retreat old branches, short development branches, and raising the pendant branches. For Gao Guanshu, it is necessary to take measures to reduce the number of heads, reduce the level, open the skylight, and enter the sun more. If you insist on these two or three years, you can transform these apricot trees into a productive tree.

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