Winter rapeseed management points

First, cultivator soil. In combination with cultivator, soil cultivation not only loosens the soil, raises the soil temperature, but also effectively protects the roots. Second, re-apply winter fertilizer. In the cultivator, buried manure, manure, and a certain amount of organic fertilizer can be buried in the rows of rapeseed, which can not only cultivate strong seedlings, but also increase soil temperature. Third, the ditch drain stains. For rape fields with high groundwater level, attention should be paid to the drainage of the ditch, to prevent water from becoming ice, and to increase freezing damage. Fourth, apply vegetation ash. With the characteristics of loose and porous vegetation and strong endothermic properties, a layer of grass ash or husk ash can be applied on the ground to increase the surface soil temperature. When the weather suddenly changes and other measures are not timely, a layer of vegetation ash or husk ash can be applied to foliar to prevent freezing.

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