Sisters do not have estrus treatment experience

The lack of sows and white raising are the biggest waste on the farm and are also a major headache for many pig farmers. Now the author has personally explored several methods and experiences in the pig raising practice and introduced it to everyone.

1. The insects were fed with levamisole to feed the sows, with 16 tablets per head. Once a day for 5 days.

2. Reduce half of the obese sows (this is the condition of the majority of farmers raising sows). All sows were fed more green feed.

3. Feed more feed to the lean sows to increase nutrition and improve sensation.

4. Bring the estrus's sows to the boar and let the boar crawl and tease them and promote their estrus.

5. Embolization with 10 mg per head of intramuscular injection of tweezers (Compound Epimedium injection).

6. Intramuscular injection with ovulation 3 injection during estrus increases litter size.

7. Sow the sow to sports grounds for more than 4 hours every day.

8. Add red clay or loess or cinder to the corner or playground of pigsty to increase the sow's absorption of iron and other trace elements.

9. Night light, light can stimulate ovarian activity.

10. After the estrus of the sow, use the method of compounding (ie, using the same boar for 8 to 12 hours apart) for more than two times.

With the above measures, the eight sows that are not estrus and difficult to match on the production fields I direct are all equipped with species and produce long, neat, vigorous, and lively piglets. These methods have been promoted and applied in many pig farms.

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