Pharmaceutical investment needs creative use

At present, there are more and more companies engaged in pharmaceutical investment, and pharmaceutical investment promotion is a fast and low-cost way to expand drug marketing. It is widely respected by many pharmaceutical companies and has now become a unique marketing model. Many companies creatively use a variety of novel investment tactics in order to achieve good results in attracting investment. The essence of investment invitation needs to be explained from two aspects: the investment objective and the supply chain. Among them, the direct purpose of pharmaceutical investment promotion is to develop an ideal market for products and create greater economic benefits for the company. Pharmaceutical companies may involve many issues in the design and operation of access roads. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the separation of major and minor issues when analyzing access issues. In general, there are three core issues that need to be addressed in the pathway.

How to determine the drug investment promotion channel is a problem that must first be carefully considered by the company in the process of designing the access route. In the case of pharmaceutical investment, manufacturers can distribute products to various hospitals and pharmacies through the transit of agents, or they can establish sales terminals on their own. After the products reach certain sales volume, they can select more suitable agents according to the actual sales situation. Generally speaking, most of the products of well-known brands adopt the former access method, while the small and medium-sized enterprises that launch new products often use the latter method.

The cost of the drug investment channel is more than one, and the cost issue is always the most important issue that companies pay attention to when they engage in the operation of pharmaceutical investment promotion. The cost of access is usually divided into fixed and variable costs. The changes in the fixed and variable costs of different drug marketing channel models are not the same. With high fixed costs, variable costs are often lower; if fixed costs are low, variable costs are often high.

If the chosen model of investment promotion channels is very good, due to the high cost of access, there is bound to be great difficulties in the concrete operation of companies with weaker capabilities. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze and study the cost of access. How to choose a pharmaceutical marketing agency. In the case of pharmaceutical investment, after the manufacturer selects the channel model for product sales, it immediately considers how to select the agent and how many agents to choose. The company can determine the members of the channel that are suitable for promoting the products of this pharmaceutical company by detailed division of existing members of the market. In addition, the right number of agents is conducive to greatly improve efficiency and reduce operating costs, so it is also very important for the successful marketing of products.

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