Watermelon deficient boron leaf symptoms

Due to the serious weight loss, many crops are prone to various imbalances in nutrient absorption. Among them, deficiency of the disease is one of their manifestations. The picture shows the boron-deficient leaves of watermelon in a greenhouse in Zhanggou Town, Changle County. The boron-deficient leaf blades are not flat, twisted, thickened, brittle, easily broken, and the leaf color is not normal. These manifestations are very obvious in Chinese cabbage. Some leaves have deformed, horizontal cracks. This is the case if the leaves of onions are stiff and brittle.

Zhuang Yuan Hong, literally means Scholar Red,  is a brand under our group. When ancient children were born as boy, his father would store wine. When the boy grew up and got Zhuang Yuan (top scorer), the family would drink the wine for celebration. Low alcohol, nutritious, mild and mellow. It tastes more refreshing on the rock. It's recommended for young people.

Zhuang Yuan Hong Yellow Rice Wine

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