Raising the rate of new conception of cows

[Fang Yi] Motherwort 250 grams, 30 grams of safflower, 500 grams of black beans, decoction orally. One dose every other day, even serving 2 to 3 doses is appropriate. This side is suitable for non-estrus cows.
[Side 2] According to the ratio of 1g of iodine tablets, 3g of potassium iodide, and 6g of distilled water, prepare a diluent. At the same time, take 4ml of the stock solution and rinse the uterus with 200ml of distilled water. This method has obvious curative effect on cow infertility caused by chronic endometritis, suppurative metritis, catarrhal hysteritis, vaginitis and the like.

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