Feeding Ducks Must Have Four Key Links

1 Doing a good selection of breeds There are often scenes in areas where duck production is concentrated: Many duck farmers have ducks at the same time. Even though ducks have the same age at the same time, the feed used is the same, but the weight of the ducks is much different. This is also a big difference. An important reason for this is the quality of ducklings. If the ducklings are pure and of good quality, they consume less material, grow faster and make more money. On the contrary, it will eat more food, grow slower, and make less money. Therefore, ducklings produced by large brand-name companies should be preferred when purchasing ducklings. 2 Grasping Feeding Management Feeding management contains many elements of production technology: such as temperature, humidity, stocking density, ventilation, light and other feeding and management points, many farmers can basically be reared according to the feeding regulations, but there is one that the author believes must be implemented In the system of feeding all the animals, the commercial ducks are all sold at one time, and then the breeding sites and production equipment are thoroughly disinfected, and the same age is received again. The advantage of this approach is that it is easy to manage, the ducks are well-growth and development, and effectively reduce the chance of ducks of different ages being infected with each other. If there are more duck houses and duck sheds for duck farmers and all have difficulty in feeding ducklings at one time, the system of “full-in, full-out,” feeding system should be implemented separately, and ducks of different ages must not be placed. Mixed in a shed. 3 Grasp the good feed quality The important feature of large-scale meat duck production is to feed specialized meat-type ducks with feeds rich in protein and high energy, so that they can quickly grow and fatten, and they are slaughtered at 4 to 8 weeks of age. Weight of 2 to 4 kg. It can be seen that there is no high-quality feed and unreasonable use of feed cannot effectively raise meat ducks. 1. Be sure to purchase high-quality full-priced feed In the areas where meat duck production is concentrated, most of the duck farmers use full-priced pellet feeds produced by regular manufacturers; however, some duck farmers are looking for cheap ones, and they can buy some small-scale feed processing plants or consignment sales offices. Trademarks, non-approved document numbers, feeds without inspection certificates. Because the quality of feed is not guaranteed, which affects the growth and development of ducks and the economic benefits of raising ducks, the author suggests that the duck farmers must buy feeds from regular feed mills. 2. Be sure to buy high-quality premixes. Some duck farmers have to buy feeds such as soybean meal, corn, and bran to reduce feed costs, and then buy premixes to self-promote ducks with full-priced feeds. Yes, but it is necessary to remind duck farmers that the nutritional composition and structure of the premix are complex. It is difficult for a small feed production unit that does not have a certain expertise to develop a high-standard, high-quality feed formulation. Therefore, the use of such pre-mixed feeds is difficult to achieve nutrient "full price", which will inevitably affect the growth and development of ducks and the economic benefits of duck farmers. Therefore, the duck farmers themselves must purchase the premix to select the manufacturers, select the brands, and pay attention to quality. 3. We must ensure that the nutrition of the feed is comprehensive. Whether it is purchasing feed or self-producing feed, we must ensure that the nutrients are comprehensive and meet the growth and development needs of the duck. This is the key to doing a good job of large-scale duck production and improving economic efficiency. Since there are dozens of nutrients in the meat duck feed, it is difficult for the duck farmer to judge whether the nutrients in the feed are comprehensive. Duck farmers must pay attention to whether there is a feed product label when buying feed, and see if the above-mentioned nutritional standards meet the national standards. 4. Be sure to purchase high-quality feed ingredients If the duck farmer prepares the full-priced feed for ducks, it is necessary to purchase feed ingredients according to local conditions. Do not buy moldy materials. The impurities and moisture in the purchased raw materials must be specified. Within range. The proportion of various feed ingredients should be reasonable. 5. Be sure to pay attention to the method of feed feeding. According to the different ages and growth and development of ducks, different nutrient standard feeds should be used. Ducklings should be used during brooding. During the growth period, ducks or ducks should be used according to actual conditions. In addition, we must pay attention to the method of feeding feeds, and some ducks and adolescents can save time by adding too much feed to the feeding containers. One day or even several days, the ducks cannot eat the feed. The correct method should be based on the feeding situation of the duck population. It is best to regularly add feed. This can not only maintain the good appetite of the duck, but also save the feed and facilitate the management of the ducks. The basic requirement for regular feeding of feed for ducks is to feed the feed every 3 to 4 hours during the brooding period, and gradually increase the feed interval as the age of the duck increases, and increase the amount of feed each time. Ducks are 25 to 30 days old and feed once every 6 to 8 hours. Feeding time is best arranged during the day to facilitate the nighttime rest of ducks, reduce physical exertion, and promote growth and development. 4 Doing a good job of duck disease prevention and control The duck disease is the biggest threat to the production of large-scale ducks. Therefore, duck farmers must do a good job of duck disease prevention to ensure the healthy development of duck production. 1. Effectively sanitize and disinfect (1) Pay attention to the scope of disinfection. Inside and outside the duck shed and duck shed, all duck production equipment, playgrounds, and fecal sites must be thoroughly disinfected, leaving no dead ends. (2) Pay attention to the method of disinfection. The inside walls and space of the duck house and duck canopy can be sterilized by ultraviolet light irradiation and chemical fumigation; 2% to 4% sodium hydroxide (commonly known as pyrolysis) solution can be used in duck beds and sports grounds. Strong disinfection and disinfection of drugs spraying; feeding, drinking water and other production equipment can be used to soak disinfection; low toxicity and strong liquid chemicals; duck manure can be stacked and fermented and spray disinfection liquid on the surface of the dung. (3) Pay attention to the time of disinfection. Some duck farmers did not clean up the excrement and clean the sanitation after the slaughter of ducks, but hurriedly clean up the sanitation and implement the disinfection work before a new group of ducks is about to enter the bar. Very bad habits, the correct approach is: immediately after the slaughter of ducks clean up the sanitation, do a good job of disinfection, empty or empty 20 days, and then re-sterilized before the new batch of ducklings received into the bar. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job of disinfection during duck rearing. The duck utensils are often washed and disinfected, and the duck bed is immediately disinfected after removing the excrement and padding from the duck bed. 2. Do a good job in the immunization work The large-scale production of meat ducks has a large number of production, high density, and frequent slaughter, and is prone to infectious diseases. In order to ensure the safety of duck production, it is necessary to have a planned and targeted vaccination against unvaccinated ducks, also known as vaccination. Which kind of vaccine is vaccinated depends on the occurrence of the epidemic in the local and adjacent areas. Wherever there has been a certain kind of duck infection in the local or adjacent areas, it is necessary to inject the appropriate vaccine. Expired or improperly stored vaccines cannot be used; vaccines are administered in strict accordance with the dosage and method described on the vaccine label. If an infectious disease occurs in this group or adjacent duck group during the feeding of ducks, an emergency vaccination or injection of hyperimmune serum should be carried out. These measures can quickly control the epidemic. 3. Do a good job in the treatment of dead and dead ducks. Some duck farmers do not isolate the sick ducks and throw them at random. This practice is not good for their own duck production, and may affect other ducks. Ducks must put an end to this phenomenon. When ducks are found, they must be immediately picked from ducks, isolated and reared, and treated with veterinarians or treated as required; ducks must be buried deep and incinerated, and cannot be processed, sold, or consumed on their own. 4. Do a good job of scientific drug use This is an important means of doing a good job of duck disease prevention and control. The use of drugs in duck production practice can be divided into preventive and therapeutic use. In particular, it should be noted that whether it is preventive or therapeutic use should pay attention to: (1) to purchase qualified manufacturers of qualified drugs. (2) Purchasing and using drugs as required by veterinarians. (3) Do not arbitrarily increase or decrease the dosage. Some duck farmers mistakenly believe that the greater the amount of medicine is, the more effective it is. This practice not only increases unnecessary medical expenses, but may also lead to drug poisoning in the duck population. (4) master the correct method of medication. Because large-scale duck populations are relatively large, they are often administered by mixing or dissolving drugs in drinking water or in drinking water. Injections are rarely used. Therefore, there are three things to note: First, it is appropriate to administer the drug. Stop the feeding and stop the water to ensure that the ducks can quickly feed the feedstuff with medicines after the medicine is administered or drink the drinking water containing the medicines; secondly, the amount of feed and drinking water added to the medicines should not be too much to ducks Can be eaten at one time, drinking is appropriate; Third, drugs should be used immediately after mixing in the feed or dissolved in water. (5) Do not use national banned drugs. (6) pay attention to grasp the drug withdrawal period. The drug withdrawal period refers to the interval between the time when the withdrawal of the drug from the duck group and the slaughtering and marketing of the commercial duck is stopped. Large-scale meat duck slaughtering and processing plants have clear requirements for this, and duck farmers should strictly control the drug withdrawal period.

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