Feeding fructooligosaccharide production technology

First, product characteristics and uses: Oligofructose is a functional food additives, has the following characteristics: 1, oligosaccharides in the digestion process is not destroyed, can only be produced by the fermentation of bifidobacterium in the large intestine, heat is extremely low At 1.5 Kcal/g, it is only 10% of fat, 25% of sugar and starch. 2, to promote the reproduction of bifidobacteria in the intestine: in the intestines can only be beneficial Bifidobacterium use, increase the number of intestinal bifidobacteria (5 to 10 times) and the synthesis of intestinal B vitamins, thereby increasing the animal Immune Function. 3. Good heat and acid stability: Oligosaccharides are stable at high temperatures and low pH values. They can be used in harsh environments and are not easily decomposed during processing. Oligofructose is widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical products and feed additives. On feed additives: can significantly improve the feed conversion rate and the health of the animal body, so that the animal's growth rate significantly increased. Second, the technical level: The project after years of our company's basic work and development research, to overcome the difficulties of the production of commercial preparations, the plant Yang Yang as raw materials enzymatic hydrolysis into fructo-oligosaccharide technology domestic research and development leading level, The process is the first in China. Third, the technical indicators and technological processes Process: Yang Yang as raw materials by partial hydrolysis of the enzyme and then purified and refined. Fourth, market analysis: Oligofructose was originally developed and industrialized by Japan. South Korea and Taiwan also have manufacturers. In Japan alone, the annual demand is 4 to 50,000 tons. The demand for this product in many developed countries in Europe and the United States is about 200,000 to 300,000 tons. Domestic research, development, and production have just begun. Oligosaccharides are mainly oligomers, but oligomeric isomalt is not as good as oligofructose. The domestically produced products are in short supply, and the raw materials for use are mainly imported from abroad. With the expansion of products in food, health care and feed applications, their excellent features have been recognized by consumers and the market has great potential in the future. V. Analysis of production conditions and benefits: Based on an annual output of 500 tons of fructo-oligosaccharide syrup. The main equipment: fermentation, filtration, separation, concentration and so on. Main Energy: Water: 50T/Hr; Electricity: Total installed capacity: 600Kw; Steam: 2T/h Boiler Construction Area: Main workshop area: 500-800M2, auxiliary warehouse and office space. Production capacity: 35 to 50 people are required depending on the degree of equipment automation. Total investment: 4 million yuan (about 3.5 million yuan in fixed assets, 500,000 yuan in working capital) Economic analysis: Comprehensive cost: 6,000 yuan/T, sales price: 9500 to 10,000 yuan/T. Profit and tax: 3500 ~ 4,000 yuan / T environmental protection: the production process of waste acid water, alkaline water production can be achieved through simple processing standards.

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