Raw ginseng and processing technology

How to solve the processing technology of American ginseng products and improve the output benefits, Yantai City, Shandong Institute of Agricultural Sciences, in a timely manner, harvesting, washing degree, variable temperature drying and plasticity time and other aspects of the proposed new creation, they processed American ginseng not only meet the standards of imported American ginseng , And created a record of 11% of the effective ingredient human saponin. First, processing facilities and equipment. The facilities are mainly processing workshops, including drying rooms, plastic packaging workshops and finished product storages. The drying room requires good sealing, moisture resistance and heat preservation. Plastic packaging workshops can choose large rooms, keep dry and sanitary. The finished product storage warehouse should be dedicated to the library, dry and odor-free, and prevent rodents and insects. Equipment should have a drying rack, fixed in a dry indoor wooden or bamboo drying tray, placed fresh ginseng. Requires exhaust fan and self-recording thermometer. Second, process flow and processing technology. Process flow for the collection → washing → classification → loading → shelf → drying → shaping and packaging. The harvest should be harvested in an appropriate period, and it is generally appropriate to harvest it when the average daily temperature is around 15°C. Receiving the method is to concentrate the ground stems and leaves buried, first dig ridge, and then gently planing to the inside, not to break through the root damage, after the collection to avoid stacking. The degree of flushing directly affects the color of the roots. Therefore, light wash or mid-wash should be performed. Do not soak in water for too long and scratch the root bark to avoid loss of ginsenosides. Grades should be carried out several hours after washing and drying. The standard is based on the diameter of the main root, middle and small grades. Plates should be placed in separate trays and discharged in a single layer, which is suitable for tightness and tightness. On the shelf is to place the American ginseng in the drying room and often check the degree of dryness. According to the specific situation, the dry racks are replaced by shelves. The key to the drying process is to control the temperature, humidity and air in the drying room. The temperature control should be changed to dryness, and it should be air-dried at room temperature for two days and then warmed up for several days. When the lateral roots can be bent and the main roots become soft, they rise to a certain temperature for a few days. When the main root is slightly harder, the lateral roots More rigid real-time, and then cool down until the end of processing. When the main root water content is about 10%, processing can be stopped. We need to control the humidity to increase the number of previous surges, extend the tide time, and gradually reduce the number of medium-term, shorten the time. The time interval between late tides is longer and each time is shorter. In the process of gas control, floor fans are used to blow air around the clock during the entire process. The plastic is placed on the main root of Bacheng or after the processing is finished. The cross section of the main root should be neat, the color should conform to the requirement of the original P. americana, the hand should be bent, the long branch should be cut, and the straight must be cut off. Packaging should be selected, graded according to market demand, and be protected against rodent pests and odors.

Low Pesticide Goji Berry, also called EU standard Goji Berry. Ningxia goji berry enjoys a great fame around the global due to its high quality standard; meanwhile, it is the only protected product of geographical identity in China, goji berry has a great popularity describes as "goji berry of the world is in China, goji berry of China is in Ningxia and Ningxia's goji berry is the best".

1.Type Genus: Multi-branched deciduous shrub of Solanaceae Lycium

2.Another name: wolfberry, red berry, red pendant, blood berry, eye-brighten berry, Tzi-fruit, hoof berry, milk berry, immortality grass, sky-essence grass, wolfberry

3.Biology Character: illumination preferable, saline-alkali tolerance, fertilizer tolerance, drought-resistant, water stain should be sustained.

4.Medicinal Parts: goji berry/ goji berry leaves, goji berry roots. low pesticide goji

Low Pesticide Goji Berry

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