Fertilizers for vegetables should be carefully applied

There are many types of fertilizers and their efficacy varies. Some fertilizers can improve the quality and yield of vegetables, while Others can affect the quality and yield of vegetables. Although some fertilizers can increase yields when applied to vegetables, they can cause toxin contamination in vegetables and cause food consumption. Poisoning. 1. Ammonium nitrate and Other nitrate nitrogen fertilizers generally should not be applied to vegetable nitrate-nitrogen fertilizers will increase the nitrate content in vegetables, and the nitrates are easily reduced to nitrite and nitrite in the human body. Salt is a carcinogenic substance that is extremely harmful to the human body. 2. Ammonium chloride, potassium chloride and other chlorinated fertilizers should not be applied to the decomposition of chlorine-containing fertilizers such as tomato, potato, sweet potato, etc., and the ammonium or potassium ions will be absorbed by the soil and absorbed by vegetables when the concentration reaches a certain level. It will poison the vegetable roots and cause serious vegetable deaths. 3, nitrogen fertilizer should not be used for leaf vegetable spray foliar spray nitrogen fertilizer, the ammonium ion and air contact, easily converted to acid ions absorbed by the leaves. The leafy vegetables have a short growing period and it is easy to accumulate nitrate in the leaves. 4, the use of trace element fertilizer in vegetables, can promote high quality and high yield of vegetables, but the demand for trace elements in vegetables is very small, excessive use of trace element fertilizer not only cause waste, but also easy to produce poisonous vegetables, pollute the environment. If the amount of ferrous sulfate mu cannot exceed 3.25 kg, the amount of manganese sulfate and manganese chloride cannot exceed 2.05 kg, the amount of copper sulfate can not exceed 2 kg, and the amount of borax and boric acid cannot exceed 1.25 kg.

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