Qiuzao eat what distinguish Qingqiu type selection of diet plan

After the fall, drying has revealed signs. At this time, many dry people drink plenty of water, but they still feel dry after drinking. Dietary conditioning is the right way, but before choosing a therapeutic regimen, be sure to find out what kind of Qiuzao you really belong to, whether it's warm or dry. In this way, we can focus on what “Qiuzao eats”.

In the early fall, there is summer heat, the weather is warm and dry, and the combination of dryness and warmth is called warm dryness. In late autumn, there is a cold winter, long-term clear and no rain, the climate is dry, and the weather gradually turns cold, combined with dryness and coldness. Dryness.

Dry evil is suffering from two major characteristics: First, dry dry evil, easy to hurt body fluid; Second, dry easily hurt the lungs. Because the lungs are filthy, hi moist and dry, the main gas belongs to the guard and the outer skin, and the large intestine looks like the surface, and it opens to the nose and takes the throat as the channel. Therefore, when the dry and evil attacks on people, lips and nasopharyngeal dryness can occur. , dry cough, dry skin, constipation and other performance. In addition to warm dryness, many people feel fever, sweating, dry mouth and thirst, throat or pain, nose, dry cough without sputum; cold dry body chills often, headache, no sweat, mouth thirst, stuffy nose Cough is less and less.

After the fall, according to the climate change, according to the principle of "reduction of octanoic acid", Qiuzao is regulated through diet, mainly by eating more fruits and vegetables with more water content. Prevention of warm dry optional pear, grape, kiwi, sugar cane, loquat, tomato, radish, lily; prevention and treatment of cold dry optional persimmon, pomegranate, Guanggan, apple, ginkgo, walnut, white fungus, loquat, carrot and so on.

In addition, the autumn is a great time for outdoor exercise, should be more outdoor activities, breathing and breathing, enhance lung function and resistance to disease, so that not only can effectively resist the invasion of dry evil, but also have many respiratory diseases in winter Good preventive effect.

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