The performance of dry skin in autumn

Dry autumn, the skin is easily damaged, then how to moisturize skin care in autumn? For different skin types, the method of protection is also different. Let's take a look at the secrets of moisturizing and moisturizing.

The fall is usually due to the difference in temperature and humidity between the outdoors and indoors, which causes the skin to be in a state of sudden and sudden heat, and is tired of adapting, busy, anxious, and exhausted. It becomes unable to retain moisture and is sensitive. In order to pursue a refreshing feeling of the skin, a product with a stronger oil control function was selected, and the frequency of skin cleansing was increased. The use of oil control products and the replenishment of water products were regarded as greasy and avoidance, making the skin look fresh and actually lacking water. In the situation.

Dry, neutral, oily, mixed, any skin will have different levels of water shortages. How to moisturize in autumn? In the beginning of autumn, the phenomenon of skin dehydration began to surface. At this time, it was the best diagnosis and improvement time for the problem of skin water shortage.

How to moisturize the skin in autumn: When the skin is dehydrated, the skin emits a signal of self-protection, which causes the pores to expand, releasing more oil to protect the skin, resulting in excessive secretion of skin oil, making the skin oily, dull, and touched Rough. At this moment, the most effective method is to remove the aging skin of the skin surface and help the skin rejuvenate. Using a cleansing mask or scrub is a very effective method. If your skin is more sensitive, you can use a slight amount of acid products to add a step in your daily skin care, which can help aging skin detachment. In the end, of course, a light, moisturizing cream or lotion should be added to increase the moisture of the skin.

Mild dry skin: The skin surface does not appear dry lines, there is no obvious sense of tension after washing, but the initial application of skin care products began to have a sense of discomfort: or tingling, or greasy to absorb, the effect is greatly reduced; skin's The color becomes darker.

This season in order to maintain the delicate skin, it should be used as a fruit mask, but also to prepare for the sun oh.

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