Cold food damages the body yang!

The Chinese medicine diet emphasizes warming, so eating cold food will make the body very hurt, it will damage the body's yang, then what food is cold food? Flower Xiaobian tell you the answer.

Chinese medicine believes that health care should start with the protection of the body's yang. As the saying goes, “Illness from the mouth” and improper diet are the first factors that cause human masculine injury. Yang qi is a warm gas. Any food with a cold texture can cause yang damage.

Below, we look at what foods are cold.

1 cold drink, please stay away

The first is cold drinks. Especially in the summer, many people would drink a lot of cold drinks in order to eliminate heat and heat. Men would drink cold beer in large quantities, girls would eat ice cream and drink iced drinks, and most people would have the habit of eating iced watermelon. After these cold air enters the human body, in order to combat these cold air damage to the human body, the human body must consume a large amount of yang, so that the body's yang will be continuously consumed.

2 seafood, eat with restraint

In addition to the cold and cold products that can be felt directly, there are many foods and drinks. Although the temperature is not low, according to the classification of traditional Chinese medicine, most of them belong to the cold, such as seafood. In seafood products, except for fish, shrimp, abalone, etc., very few belong to the warm nature, most of them are cold, like crabs, oysters, oysters and so on. Therefore, like crab seafood, one can not eat too much, the second is to eat when you must eat ginger juice only, with the warm ginger to limit its cold air. Some people will eat a crab, there will be stomach pain, the reason is the cold nature of the crab, damage the stomach yang.

One gentleman, he came to see him because of a stomach problem. He felt a strong sense of blockage in the stomach. He continued to burp, foods returned, and there was epigastric pain from time to time after dinner. He said that this problem has been more than four years. Another important symptom is that each time his stomach is uncomfortable, a rib on his foot is painful, and both his feet are like this.

I took a close look and it was precisely the follow-up area of ​​the foot-yangming stomach meridian, indicating that he is a typical symptom of stomach yang deficiency. Chatting further, knowing that he often accompanies people for dinner due to work reasons, he often eats seafood such as crabs, and he likes to drink cold beer. In a few years, these problems have emerged. Therefore, I gave him drugs to warm up the stomach, and at the same time told him not to eat iced drinks and crabs. After 3 weeks, the symptoms of the stomach disappeared and the pain on his feet did not repeat.

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