Fall health recipes sugar cane porridge go to the autumn dry body feel fresh

Autumn diet should eat pears and sugar cane

From the perspective of traditional health care, the main characteristics of autumn are "dryness" and "dryness", so the body often appears symptoms such as dry skin, dry lips, sore throat and so on. Therefore, in autumn, you must eat less spicy food such as onions, ginger, garlic, clams, and peppers to prevent lung qi. If you eat some fruits that thirst and thirst, you will feel refreshed and comfortable. The best fruit to eat in the fall is pears and sugar cane.

Sugar cane has nourishing and heat-relieving effects, and is rich in nutrients. It has certain curative effects on such symptoms as hypoglycemia, dry stool, urination, nausea and vomiting, hypothermic cough and high fever and polydipsia. People who are overworked or hungry are dizzy, so long as they eat two sugar cane, they will cheer up. However, due to the cold nature of sugar cane, stomach and stomach abdominal pain are also unfit for human consumption.

Do not eat red sugar cane

When purchasing sugarcane, you must not buy red sugarcane, because redness is actually a manifestation of mildew, and mildewed sugarcane produces a kind of fungus called 'Lactorylospora'. 3-nitropropionic acid is secreted, which is a toxic substance. The most typical symptom caused by this neurotoxicity is the rigidity of the hand. Like chicken feet, it can cause death if mild cane is eaten.

How to buy it? The quality sugar cane is bright and sweet, and it tastes no abnormality in the mouth. If the sugar cane has a dull appearance, a soft texture, and long hair at both ends, it cannot be purchased if there is a sour smell or odor. After the incision, if there are spots with reddish yellow, tan or blue spots, it means that it has deteriorated and must be thrown away.

Autumn Health Recipes: Sugar Cane Porridge

Foodstuff: 1 cup rice, 1 sugarcane, 1 juicer


1. Peel the sugar cane, cut it into pieces and put it in a juicer;

2. Wash the rice, soak in water for 20 minutes, move to the cooktop and boil. Change the simmer until the rice rotten and crack, then add sugar cane juice and cook.

3. Wait until the grain is soft and rotten.

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