Have you ever had these wrong weight loss ideas?

(1) Fat is the twin brother of obesity. Only by "insulating" with fat can a slim body be obtained.

In fact, fat does not always play a negative role in the process of losing weight. Not only will the fats not be converted into fats in the body be stored quickly, but the fat breakdown can also inhibit fat synthesis in the body to a certain extent.

Corn oil and olive oil containing a single non-binding fat have the effect of lowering LDL, which is an ideal edible oil for body-building for weight loss. In addition, fat-based foods are resistant to digestion and hungry, and can reduce the amount of starch after ingestion. The intake of food and snacks has a positive effect on weight loss.

Some dieters have been able to increase their weight without losing control of food or snacks. Therefore, the intake of adequate amounts of fat not only does not affect body type, but also benefits bodybuilding.

(2) Obesity is the accumulation of nutrition, so you cannot eat nutritious foods

In fact, some people's body is fat, not a single accumulation of nutrients, in large part because of the lack of dietary nutrients that turn fat into energy. Fat can only decrease when people's body's energy is released.

In the process of converting body fat into various energy, it is necessary to participate in a variety of nutrients. These include vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and niacin.

Foods that are rich in these nutrients are often those that dieters are not interested in, milk, various soy products, peanuts, eggs, and animal liver and meat. In the absence of such nutritious foods, the body's fat is not easily converted into energy, so that the body fat accumulation and obesity.

(3) Drinking water will make the body fat, you can not drink water to lose weight

In fact, only the lack of drinking water will cause the body to continuously accumulate water as a compensation, and make it easier for the body to accumulate fat, leading to obesity. Insufficient drinking water may also cause disturbances in the body's metabolic function, resulting in more energy absorption and less release.

Therefore, for the dieters, the lack of drinking water not only fails to achieve weight loss goals, but also causes more serious damage to health.

(4) Eat spicy food can lose weight

According to statistics, people in Thailand, India, and other places have few fat people, so it is inferred that they are related to spicy food on weekdays. Because eating spicy food is easy to sweat, and eating a little has been full of feeling, so there is weight loss effect.

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