The cultivation techniques of leeks

First, the breeding method. Leek breeding methods can be divided into two kinds of sexual and asexual reproduction. The former is propagated by seeds, with high propagation coefficient, strong plant viability, long branching, long life, and high yield; the latter is propagated by branches, and can be carried out at any time, but the propagation coefficient is low, viability, and delivery are weak, and the service life is short. ,Low Yield. Sexual reproduction is mainly used in production.

Second, seed collection technology. Leeks are dichosanthin, cross-pollination plants, insect-borne flowers, and require 1000 and 2000m to be isolated from other species during seed collection to ensure the purity of the seeds. Amaranth is a perennial plant and cannot be seeded in the year of sowing. It blooms only in the following year, and can be seeded every year. The 1st and 2nd-year leeks are in the young stage. After 3 years, they enter the age of good age. It is advisable to use 3-5-year-old plants as seed collection plants. The seedlings of flowering amaranth are required to consume a large amount of nutrients for flowering and seeding, so a piece of farmland cannot be planted every year. The leek seed cultivation can be combined with the commercial leek production, that is, the leek production field will reach the age of the rear wheel for one year for the next year. After the plots are selected, management must be strengthened in the first year, and harvesting should be reduced. When harvesting, the stubble is 2-3cm higher than the average production field. After fertilization, irrigation and irrigation are needed to promote plant growth and robustness. In late June, it is necessary to plant seedlings to guard against apprehension and lodging. In July, the plants were convulsed one after the other to combat the grassland. Plants in the first half of August should be flowered and less watered. The leek flowering period is as long as 50 to 60 days. The flower buds of the flowering stage should be left. The flower buds of the first flowering and final flowering stages should be removed to make the seeds mature basically. In order to prevent the buds from lodging, the two adjacent flower buds can be bundled together or stand. Hua Xie seeds should be top-dressed when grouting, so that the grain is full and full. Before and after the beginning of October, the calyx begins to turn yellow. The color of the pericarp should be observed to collect the seeds in time, and the seeds should be harvested before becoming too thin. If the seeds are late, the pericarp will be cracked and the seeds will fall off. It should be when the pericarp has yellowish green or a few pericarp has cracked. Cut the ball in the early morning. The flowers are dried and threshed, and the seeds are picked out, the debris is removed, the variety, the date of harvesting, etc. are recorded and stored separately. For every 667m2 of farmland, 50-80kg seeds can be collected.

Third, the mother plant after the seeds. As more nutrients are consumed, the growth is significantly declining, and more fertilization and irrigation are needed to promote its recovery. For plots that are not cultivated, young calyx should be picked in time to reduce the consumption of nutrients.

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